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DTN News: The New Theory Of Causes Of The Cancer And Others Chronic Diseases.

DTN News: The New Theory Of Causes Of The Cancer And Others Chronic Diseases - The Russian Miracle And Magnificent Doctor Is Absolutely Stunning, Who Cures Every Disease With Own Formula: Part # 5
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(NSI News Source Info) May 22, 2009: The miracle doctor is Ashot Khachatryan Papikovicha, he is very kind, gentle and humble also known as 'Professor K' or 'Professor DaDa' (In Russian Da means Yes) . The Professor K is very confident on his formula curing every possible human disease and repeats Da....Da!
Seen in aforementioned photo, Dr. Ashot Khachatryan with Dr. Koh at seminar on K-EFFECT PROTOCOL held recently at Island Country Club., Singapore. Dr. Koh is operating under INNERGLOW MD Singapore and associate with K-EFFECT PROTOCOL in the territory.
The New Theory of Causes of The Cancer and Others Chronic Diseases. Today there are many theories explaining the cause of a cancer and others chronic illness, which ultimately boil down to hereditary factors, and thereby predetermine its incurability.
Professor Khachatrian, based on many years of experience in treating patients with various diseases (more than 40 000), first proposed to explain the cause of many chronic diseases by the free radical theory, and the method of treatment, which in more than 100% of the cases leads to an improvement and in more than 90% - to the full cure of many chronic, currently considered incurable, diseases (cancer, allergies, bronchial asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema psoriasis, autism, parkinsonism, etc.)
The essence of the theory is following: under the influence of harmful factors (poor environment, the uncontrolled use of medicine, food, stuffed with preservatives, hormones, dyes, flavorings, radiation and ionizing radiation (computers, cellular phones), smoking, alcohol, etc., free radicals form in the human body - substances that have an unpaired electron in an outer shell.
For their neutralization, they need to join another electron.
All the cells in the human body are powered by batteries, a charge which is averages at -70 mV. So, each cell has 70 free electrons. Every minute our cells are attacked by more than 100000 free radicals, trying to take away their electrons.
Losing an electron, the charge of the cells drops, they start malfunctioning, which leads to the disturbance of metabolism. When the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) drops to the level of -50mV, it facilitates the initialization of various chronic inflammatory diseases, and the ORP level at -30 mV or more may lead to the development of malignant processes. Inflammation or cancer cells on their turn also produce toxins (free radicals).
On the other hand, free radicals have a negative effect on the intestinal micro flora by killing the good flora, which plays a huge role in the normal human life. They participate in the processes of metabolism, synthesis and sharing of vitamins, the formation and maintenance of the immune system, regulate peristalsis of colon , etc.There the disbiosis takes place , ie disturbance of the balance of the intestinal micro flora towards of the increase of bad bacteria. Breached metabolism leads to constipations. They also form poisons and toxins (free radicals). The immune system weakens, the body easily penetrate parasites, viruses, worms, which also produce toxins.Formed in the body endogenous free radicals, indirectly increase the disbiosis and reduce the potential of the cells.
Thus, the free radicals start to circulate in a vicious circle. Professor Khachatrian developed a unique technique that allows to neutralize free radicals, to break the toxic circle and to release the body from parasites, restore intestinal micro flora and, most importantly, to restore the viability of cells.
The method is patented in Russia and the United States and helped to heal the sick with a variety of serious chronic diseases.
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