Thursday, July 30, 2009

DTN News: Oshkosh Defense’s Past Performance Ensures Timely Vehicle Delivery For FMTV Program

DTN News: Oshkosh Defense’s Past Performance Ensures Timely Vehicle Delivery For FMTV Program *Source: DTN News / Oshkosh Corporation
(NSI News Source Info) OSHKOSH, Wis. - July 30, 2009: With a track record of exceptional service to U.S. Armed Forces that spans decades, Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), brings a history of on-time vehicle delivery to military customers in its bid for the U.S. Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) competitive rebuy. Having produced more than 67,000 military class vehicles in its U.S. manufacturing facilities since 1942, Oshkosh has the proven capabilities to meet customers’ delivery schedules and surge requirements, as well as successfully integrate new technologies when needed. “We currently provide a range of medium and heavy military trucks to the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps,” said Andy Hove, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Defense. “Our manufacturing approach allows us to manage the large variations necessary to deliver a military vehicle program like the Army’s Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles and FMTV while maintaining deliveries on or ahead of schedule. We also can incorporate advanced technologies, such as the Oshkosh TAK-4® independent suspension system, into the vehicles with each delivery order.” Existing Oshkosh manufacturing facilities have available production capacity for all current and proposed military vehicle programs, including FMTV and the recently awarded M ATV contract. These same facilities also can accommodate any surges in production required for the FMTV program. The company continues to refine production plans and technology integration, while delivering outstanding medium and heavy tactical wheeled vehicles to the government. Production processes also have evolved specifically for the FMTV fleet to meet new requirements. The FMTV program is a five-year, multibillion dollar contract award for the production of an estimated 23,000 vehicles and trailers for the Army. The contract includes all FMTV models, with an initial order of more than 800 trucks and 600 trailers expected for fiscal year 2009. Oshkosh Defense has already made pre-award investments in the FMTV production line and the design of an FMTV long-term armor strategy (LTAS)-compliant cab at no cost to the government, ensuring a “hot” start to the program and timely production deliveries. Oshkosh Defense is the only current manufacturer of medium and heavy tactical wheeled vehicles in the U.S. defense industry. The company’s use of an advanced integrated assembly line has allowed for the simultaneous production of as many as 10 vehicle models with 29 variations. A highly skilled in-house engineering team coupled with an experienced production workforce help Oshkosh continually improve vehicle quality levels through design innovations, assembly process improvements and lean manufacturing. About Oshkosh Defense
Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation, is an industry-leading global designer and manufacturer of tactical military trucks and armored wheeled vehicles, delivering a full product line of conventional and hybrid vehicles, advanced armor options, proprietary suspensions, and vehicles with payloads that can exceed 70 tons. Oshkosh Defense provides a global service and supply network including full life-cycle support and remanufacturing, and its vehicles are recognized the world over for superior performance, reliability and protection. For more information, visit About Oshkosh Corporation
Oshkosh Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialty access equipment, commercial, fire & emergency and military vehicles and vehicle bodies. Oshkosh Corp. manufactures, distributes and services products under the brands of Oshkosh®, JLG®, Pierce®, McNeilus®, Medtec®, Jerr-Dan®, BAI™, Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles, Frontline™, SMIT™, CON-E-CO®, London® and IMT®. Oshkosh products are valued worldwide in businesses where high quality, superior performance, rugged reliability and long-term value are paramount. For more information, log on to

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