Sunday, October 24, 2010

DTN News: Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal - The Venue Of Ancient Vedic Knowledge

Source: Special report by K. V. Seth for DTN News
(NSI News Source Info) KOTTAKKAL, Kerala, India - October 25, 2010: With the stress of daily life, rejuvenation and renewal is necessary for us to continue on with day-to-day tasks in a healthy way. A little break helps to renew our mind, body, soul and spirit. There are many ways in which one can accomplish daily renewal and rejuvenation.
Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal is a must visit yearly for uplifting and to rejuvenate body, soul and mind., there are regular visitors to Arya Vaidya Sala, annually since a quarter century and was founded in 1902 by Vaidyaratnam P.S. Warrier. This is one among the best ayurvedic clinics in India and people from all over the world come here for treatment.
Evenings were leisure time for gup shup at No. 15, K. V. & Carina Seth with friends from different parts of our globe. We wish all our new discovered friends Health, Wealth & Happiness. (Photos courtesy of Carina Seth)
Ayurveda is the oldest existing health care system. Ayurveda's growth graph in the past decade has been impressive. Middle and upper class people who had shifted their allegiance completely to allopathy, are again trying out ayurveda and other therapies, after bad experiences with allopathy. The Indian government, with an eye on nationalistic legitimacy, is also promoting ayurveda. Besides, private enterprise is active in what can be called the Kerala school of ayurveda. The result is the blossoming of panchkarma clinics and hospitals al lover India. The panchkarma are the five internal cleansing procedures akin to the six in yoga. They are: vasti (enema), vamana (vomiting), virechana (purgation), nasya (application of herbal preparations through the nostrils), and rakta moksha (therapeutic release of toxic blood).
Kottakkal History, an Eranadan village, is located on the western side of Malappuram, the district head quarters. Even though effervescent with the arrogance of city life in its veins, Kottakkal sustains its serenity, lingering on with the lost memories of bygone grandeur. Just walk through the alleys of this village where history slumbers. You could hear the footsteps of centuries of Kerala history rustling in its glades.
Kottakkal, known as White Fort in Sanskrit, Venkalikotta and Venkitta Kotta in Malayalam was a small militarily base of the King of Valluvanadu till the first halt of 18th century in Christian era. Karuvayoor Moosad, the chief marshal and preacher of Valluvakonathiri lived here. May be the forts and castles constructed by him bestowed the title Kottakkal to this village. The suburbs of Kottakkal were known as Changuvettikadu and Eyyakkadu. Karuvayoor Moosad assassinated Thinayancherry Elayath , one of the ministers of Zamorin. Then Moonnarpadu Thampuran, the cousin of Zamorin of Calicut killed Karuvayoor Moosad in a combat and restored control of the fort. The kith and kin of this Thampuran dwelled in Kottakkal there after.
The invasion of Tippu, diverged the course of Kottakkal's history as in the case of many other villages. But the wonderous fact was that the diversion reflected on the cultural field only. A kin of Zamorin of Calicut who had been sheltered in Travancore fearing the Mysore invasion, later settled in Kottakkal after the death of Tippu in 1799. Among them the most prestigious Name was that of Manorama Thampuratty Highly scholastic and with her Travancore-Cochin connections, she could represent an inter kerala cultural course.

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