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DTN News: Defense News / Latest Press Releases Dated October 25, 2010

DTN News: Defense News / Latest Press Releases Dated October 25, 2010 Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources
(NSI News Source Info) KOTTAKKAL, Kerala, India - October 25, 2010: Comprehensive daily news related to Defense News / Latest Press Releases for the world of TODAY.*Comprehensive daily news related to Defense News / Latest Press Releases for the world of TODAY

Eyes down: at last a viable role for airships?

The TCOM Model 74M JLENS aerostat, 74M.001, made its maiden flight on 25 August 2009. (TCOM)

Demand for airborne persistent surveillance platforms has sparked a revival of interest in lighter-than-air craft. Martin Streetly explores the potential of new designs and materials

06 October 2010

USAE pursues future programmes despite KC-X protest rejection

The US Government Accountability Office has rejected US Aerospace Inc's KC-X tanker programme protest

08 October 2010

US Aerospace partners with AVIC to pursue US military contracts

Denel develops air-transportable Casspir APC

Mechem has developed an air-transportable APC.

20 September 2010

New Zealand aircraft sale window extended

New Zealand's Aermacchi MB-339CB is one of two types of aircraft likely to be sold to the US. (IHS Jane's/Paul Tompkins)

An extended purchase deadline should allow a US company to follow through on plans to acquire retired Royal New Zealand Air Force aircraft.

27 September 2010

Sikorsky X2 breaks 250 kt to set new record

The Sikorsky X2, pictured in mock-up form, exceeded its 250 kt stated goal during a flight out of the company's Development Flight Center in Florida that lasted just over one hour. (IHS Jane's/Patrick Allen)

Setting an unofficial helicopter speed record, the Sikorsky X2 reached 250 kt true air speed with three months of flight-testing yet to remain.

17 September 2010

Eyes on target: scout helicopters carve out a lasting impression

USAF uses C-17 for bio-fuel flight-test

The C-17 uses more jet fuel than any other aircraft in the USAF fleet, making it a good candidate to operate on bio-fuel. (IHS Jane's/Patrick Allen)

With an end goal of running its entire fleet on a synthetic blend of fuel, the US Air Force tested a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft with a bio-aviation fuel combination.

10 September 2010

USAF launches new biofuel testing programme

India and Russia create joint venture to push on with Multirole Transport Aircraft

India and Russia have signed an agreement to form a joint venture to design, develop and manufacture a multirole transport aircraft

15 September 2010

Swiss fighter replacement faces further delays

This Northrop F-5E Tiger II is one of 54 in need of replacement in the Swiss Air Force. (IHS Jane's/Paul Tompkins)

Within a week of the Swiss government promising to re-ignite the delayed fighter replacement programme, the plans have again been delayed.

27 August 2010

Switzerland fighter replacement appears set for indefinite delay

Eyes on target: scout helicopters carve out a lasting impression

Jordan has signed a letter of intent with Boeing to procure the AH-6i Little Bird to complement its fleet of MD 530 helicopters. (IHS Jane's/Patrick Allen)

Despite the rise of the attack helicopter, the scout is still holding its ground as an important part of militaries' helicopter operations.

08 September 2010

Lockheed Martin warns against delays to JSF orders

The delayed production schedules of eight partner nations in the international F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter programme are a cause for concern for Lockheed Martin.

20 August 2010

Dutch cast doubt on JSF deal

Thai budget makes provision for second Gripen batch

Thailand approves USD5.4 billion budget for 2011

27 August 2010

What's new, pussycat? AgustaWestland begins breeding its new-look Wildcat

AgustaWestland introduces the AW159, the latest variant of its popular Lynx shipborne helicopters, filling the needs of the UK armed forces.

13 August 2010

Rebranded AW159 builds on Lynx pedigree

Leaked reports confirm SAM launches against ISAF aircraft

The controversial Wikileaks web site leaked a classified report indicating that heat-seeking SAMs were used against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

04 August 2010

India may boost C-17 order to 16

The Indian Air Force is considering the purchase of additional C-17 Globemaster IIIs

12 August 2010

IAF completes C-17 test-flight

India plays down reports of MMRCA decision

Media reports in India say the Rafale and Typhoon have emerged as favourites to win India's Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft contest

11 August 2010

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