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DTN News - BATTLE FOR LIBYA: UK Approves Use Of Apache Helicopters For Libya

DTN News - BATTLE FOR LIBYA: UK Approves Use Of Apache Helicopters For Libya
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada / LONDON, U.K. - May 27, 2011: The British government has given clearance for the use of its attack helicopters in Libya, putting the final decision on deployment in NATO's hands.
Prime Minister David Cameron and British ministers have given clearance "in principle" to put Apache helicopters at NATO's disposal, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday.
Whether or not to deploy the helicopters is now a matter for operational commanders, the person added, requesting anonymity because no formal announcement has yet been made.
The debate over using attack helicopters in Libya has provoked public squabbling between Britain and France in recent days. France said Monday it would deploy attack helicopters and that Britain would too — news the U.K. angrily denied, saying no decision had yet been made.
Cameron avoided discussing the matter earlier Thursday at the G-8 summit in France, saying that the government was "looking at a range of things that we can do to turn up the pressure" on embattled leader Moammar Gadhafi.
If NATO decides to use attack helicopters, it would mark a shift in the coalition's strategy, which has so far relied on fighter planes.
So far, no allied servicemen or women have been killed in the campaign in Libya. But by using helicopters and flying far lower to hit targets more precisely in urban areas, France and Britain would be putting their pilots at greater risk.
Although Libya's surface-to-air missile network has been effectively destroyed, Gadhafi's forces are said to retain hundreds of heavy machine guns, automatic cannon and shoulder-launched missiles that would pose a danger to helicopters at lower altitudes.
In past conflicts, NATO has shied away from using slow-moving and low-flying helicopters against opponents with such weaponry.
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PHOTO: Prime Minister David Cameron and British ministers have given clearance "in principle" to put Apache helicopters at NATO's disposal.
David Furst/Getty Images
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The UK government has confirmed it will use Apache attack helicopters in Libya, joining France in approving the use of the aircraft, hours after while the US rejects a cease fire offer.

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THE African Union (AU) member states have called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Libya. This was one of the resolutions adopted by over 35 heads of state and governments of member countries of the AU after day-long discussions yesterday in ...

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The world's leading financial institutions, including some based in Britain, held billions of dollars on behalf of Muammar Gaddafi's reg- ime, a leaked report has revealed. HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland ...

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A Libyan rebel fighter aims his heavy machine gun towards forces loyal to Libya's leader Moammar Gadhafi at Misrata's western front line, some 25 kilometers from the city center, May 26, 2011. An African Union summit has demanded an immediate end to ...

Govt to deploy helicopters against Libyan forces

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DEAUVILLE, France — The government confirmed Thursday it would deploy Apache helicopter gunships in Libya, saying the change in tactics would give a final push to the regime of an increasingly "paranoid" Moamer Kadhafi. The announcement during the G8 ...

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We know that our military is participating in the Libyan mission, but that's about all we know. Thanks to a recent briefing by the Canadian Forces and media reports, we know that as of Wednesday, Canadian CF-18 fighters had flown over 300 missions over ...

How UK's Apache helicopters could aid Libya mission

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The Taliban call it the Mosquito. But they know its bite is lethal, and they fear it accordingly. But for British forces on the ground in Helmand, Afghanistan, the sight and sound of an Apache hovering ...

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A Libyan rebel fighter mans a check post in the outskirts of Libyan eastern city of Ajdabiya on May 26, 2011. A Libyan rebel fighter mans a check post in the outskirts of Libyan eastern city of Ajdabiya on May 26, 2011. ...

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