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DTN News - LOCKHEED MARTIN DEFENSE NEWS: Another C-5M Super Galaxy Takes Flight

DTN News - LOCKHEED MARTIN DEFENSE NEWS: Another C-5M Super Galaxy Takes Flight
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada / MARIETTA, Ga., - July 20, 2011: The third production C-5M Super Galaxy took its first flight today (July 18th) here at the Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta. Aircraft 0005 is stationed at Dover Air Force Base, Del. and assigned to be flown by both active duty and reserve airlift wings there.
The modernization program includes more than 70 improvements to include brand-new, fuel-efficient engines and recently flew the first U.S. polar overflight mission direct to Afghanistan.
The C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft is a game changer to the warfighter. While setting 42 world records in airlift, the C-5M established new benchmarks in carrying more cargo, faster and farther than any other airlifter. A venerable workhorse, the recognized improvements in performance, efficiency and safety validate the tremendous value to the taxpayer in modernizing proven and viable aircraft. The C-5 can carry twice the cargo of other strategic airlift systems - the only strategic airlifter with the capability of carrying 100 percent of certified air-transportable cargo.
The C-5M has been a vital element of strategic airlift in every major contingency and humanitarian relief effort since it entered service. The Super Galaxy is the only strategic airlifter capable of linking America directly to the warfighter to all theatres of combat. With more than half of its useful structural life remaining, the C-5M Super Galaxy will be a force multiplier through 2040 and beyond.
C-5 modernization provides greatly improved reliability, efficiency, maintainability and availability — reducing total ownership and operating costs - and ensures this critical national strategic airlift resource continues serving the warfighter well into the 21st century.
The C-5M Super Galaxy is the result of a two-phase modernization effort: the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) and the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP).
AMP adds a new, modern cockpit with a digital, all-weather flight control system and autopilot; a new communications suite; flat-panel displays; and enhanced navigation and safety equipment. Enhancements such as the integrated datalink capabilities, predictive flight performance cues and situational awareness displays (the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) greatly ease crew workload and enhance situational awareness. AMP is the digital backbone to support RERP.
RERP adds new GE CF6-80C2 commercial engines (military designation F138-GE-100) plus 70 other enhancements to major components and subsystems. The RERP significantly increases fleet availability; improves reliability, maintainability, operational performance and allowable cabin loads; and dramatically reduces total ownership cost and fuel consumption. Re-engining is the centerpiece of the RERP program. The new engine produces more than 50,000 pounds of thrust - a 22 percent increase over current TF39 engines — and is Stage III noise compliant.
Once operational, the C-5M Super Galaxy will have a 58 percent greater climb rate to an initial cruise altitude that is 38 percent higher than the current C-5. This improved capability will enable the C-5M to carry significantly more cargo from more airfields, over great distances, with reduced dependency on tanker assets.

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