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DTN News - PAKISTAN DEFENSE NEWS: Pakistan US Relations Downhill - China Relation Uphill

DTN News - PAKISTAN DEFENSE NEWS: Pakistan US Relations Downhill - China Relation Uphill
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - August 1, 2011:

U.S. being preoccupied with its debt crisis during entire month of July, 2011 was unable to entertain ISI Head, Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s US visit and withheld $800 million economy and military aid with some exceptions.

The U.S. decision to defer nearly $800 million in counterterrorism funding to Pakistan in recent weeks was a necessary step, given the ejection of U.S. military trainers from Pakistan, ongoing concerns over the misuse of U.S. aid dollars, and mounting evidence of Pakistani complicity with insurgent groups.

It is believed on

General Ahmad Shuja Pasha's return from U.S.,

and unable regain the flow of U.S. aid with Washington, the Pakistani


displeased and

took some retaliatory actions against Obama

administration with immediate effect for CIA to close shop and imposed restrictions on American embassy staff


movements in Pakistan. The top US military chief warned that US-Pakistan military-to-military ties were at a “very difficult” crossroads, allowing that a path to progress on that front was not yet clear.

In the interim, China consoled Pakistan with an offer to provide a squadron of the advanced J-10B fighter aircraft, a media report said. According to reliable sources, China's cost per J-10 fighter aircraft is RMB 190 million or US$ 27.84 million and for a squadron of 16 aircrafts, the tag price would be US$ 500 million.

The offer was made by senior Chinese military leaders to visiting Pakistan Army's Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen. Waheed Arshad, the Urdu daily Jang reported on Saturday, quoting defence sources.

The J-10B fighters are equipped with the latest weapons and Pakistan will be the first country, after China, to have these advanced aircraft, it said.

The J-10B fighter aircrafts are the crossroad between US and Pakistan relations which will take it's course in conjunction with Afghanistan, it is times to be seen by the pundits further downgrading US relations since Obama ordered the raid at Osama's Abbottabad in Pakistan.

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