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DTN News - GERMAN DEFENSE NEWS: German Army Orders 31 MUNGO 2 Multi-Purpose Vehicles

DTN News - GERMAN DEFENSE NEWS: German Army Orders 31 MUNGO 2 Multi-Purpose Vehicles
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - September 21, 2011: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Europe´s market leader for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles, has received an order from the German Army for the assembly and delivery of 31 further MUNGO 2 Multi-purpose vehicles for the Special Operations Division (DSO). The first three pre-series prototypes were delivered and qualified technically and tactically in an operational test. The delivery of another 31 vehicles will be completed until 2013.
Air-portable and multi-faceted deployment
As all other vehicles of the MUNGO family of air-portable vehicles, with its small size and low overall weight the MUNGO 2 Multi-purpose was specifically developed for transportation on a CH-53 transport helicopter. With its universal hydraulics and transport system this multi-purpose version is particularly suitable for the mission-specific transport of munitions, fuel, maintenance and NBC- decon--tamination equipment. A quick-change system for front mounting implements additionally enables the deployment of engineering systems. With a payload of up to 1.5 tons the MUNGO 2 Multi-purpose can additionally transport supply or armament in trailer operations.
Specifically improved for military missions
Tailored specifically to the requirements of highly-mobile air-portable forces and built on the system criteria of the MUNGO-family, the MUNGO 2 Multi-purpose additionally convinces through a chassis optimized in continuous improvement for special missions, for example in Afghanistan. In addition, the vehicle is perfectly protected against ballistic, mine and IED threats. Fully armoured and separated from the chassis, the floor provides along with a safety cell maximum protection for the two-headed crew.
Until now KMW has delivered more than 400 MUNGO in the three different versions – troop transporters, multi-purpose vehicles and large space cabins – to the German Army.

German Army Weapons (Wikipedia)

[edit]Standard light weapons

[edit]Reconnaissance systems

  • Fennek (wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicle), replacing the Spähpanzer Luchs
  • Luna X 2000 (reconnaissance drone system)
  • KZO (reconnaissance drone system)
  • Aladin (reconnaissance drone system)
  • Camcopter S-100 (VTOL reconnaissance drone system, procurement planned)[6]
  • MIKADO (mini reconnaissance drone system)
  • Fancopter (mini reconnaissance drone system)
  • RASIT (radar system), being phased out
  • BÜR (ground surveillance radar system, based on Dingo 2)

[edit]Combat vehicles


Puma (IFV)demonstrator for mobility-VS2 with weight simulators
  • Leopard 2 (Main Battle Tank)
    • A4, being phased out
    • A5
    • A6
  • Marder 1 A3/A5 (infantry fighting vehicle)
  • Spz Puma (infantry fighting vehicle), replaces the Marder in the Mechanized Infantry, being delivered
  • Wiesel 1/2 (armoured weapons carrier)
    • as a reconnaissance vehicle for the airborne troops
    • with autocannon 20 mm
    • with TOW anti-tank guided missile
    • with mortar 120 mm
    • as a radar vehicle for the light air defence system (LeFlaSys)
    • as a command vehicle for the LeFlaSys
    • as an engineer reconnaissance vehicle
    • with Stinger equipped for the LeFlaSys
    • as a medical vehicle for the airborne troops
  • M113 A2 (multirole armoured vehicle) being phased out (594)
  • GTK Boxer (multirole armoured fighting vehicle) to replace M113 and TPz Fuchs (planned)
  • IAI Harop (unmanned combat aerial vehicle), loitering munition in combination with Rheinmetall KZO, ordered
  • Dingo 1/2 (armoured wheeled vehicle)
  • Eagle IV (armoured wheeled vehicle)
  • LAPV Enok (light armoured patrol vehicle)
  • Grizzly (armoured wheeled vehicle)
  • AGF Serval (reconnaissance and combat vehicle)
  • DURO III (armoured wheeled vehicle)
  • YAK (armoured wheeled vehicle), based on DURO III
  • Mungo ESK (armoured transport vehicle)
  • TPz Fuchs (multirole armoured vehicle)
  • BV 206 S (tracked armoured transport vehicle)


Wiesel 2 lePzMrs (Lightweight Armoured Mortar of Advanced Mortar System)
  • M270 MLRS (227 mm multiple rocket launcher)
  • PzH 2000 (155 mm self-propelled howitzer)
  • Wiesel 2 lePzMrs, advanced mortar system
  • ABRA (artillery radar system), being phased out
  • Mortar TAMPELLA (120 mm)
  • Mortar "R" (120 mm)
  • COBRA (counter artillery radar system)
  • ATMAS (artillery weather measure system)
  • SMA (artillery sound measure system)

[edit]Air defence systems

A Gepard of the German Army
Wiesel 2 – in the Ozelot anti-air version of LeFlaSys
  • Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard 1 A2 (self-propelled anti air gun), will be formally phased out in late 2010 and then replaced by SysFla in the upcoming years.
  • LeFlaSys (light anti-aircraft missile system), based on Wiesel 2
  • MANTIS (stationary counter rocket, artillery, and mortar system for base protection), to be delivered in 2011
  • SysFla (system air defence – mobile and stationary platforms using the LFK NG and MANTIS), under development
  • LÜR (radar system), being phased out

[edit]Engineer equipment

  • Dachs (tracked engineer tank)
  • Büffel (tracked salvage tank)
  • Biber (bridge layer)
  • Panzerschnellbrücke 2 (bridge layer), replacing the Biber
  • Skorpion (mine layer)
  • Keiler (mine breaker)
  • M3 Amphibious Rig (amphibious vehicle)
  • Motorboot 3 (motorboat)
  • Medium Girder Bridge (bridge system)
  • Faltfestbrücke (solid bridge system)
  • Faltschwimmbrücke (swimming bridge system)
  • Pontoon bridge
  • Faltstraßensystem (mobile roadway system)


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