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DTN News - SAD CHAPTER OF OUR HISTORY: 9/11 - Never To Be Repeated Again For The Sake Of Mankind

DTN News - SAD CHAPTER OF OUR HISTORY: 9/11 - Never To Be Repeated Again For The Sake Of Mankind
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - September 10, 2011: The 9/11 is known as a day of an extreme terrorism and heinous crime against humanity.
Ten years ago on this day 3,000 people were put to death, and thousands of families and millions of peace loving people were left to feel a great pain and sorrow in their hearts and minds on this great human loss.
On this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers, our first thought should be for the nearly 3,000 who lost their lives in the worst terrorist atrocity of modern times.
We should think of the families and loved ones who were left to grieve, and the indelible scars on the countless others who were affected.
This symbolic day is also a chance to reflect on the hundreds of thousands who have died in the aftermath of 9/11, not just the innocents killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the victims of other terrorist attacks that continue with appalling regularity.
It is pertinent to ask if the response was right to Al Qaeda’s assault on the heart of America and, above all, whether the world – and particularly Britain – is safer now.
Lessons have been learnt by security services and plots have been foiled. But the threat goes on and it is impossible to see when it will end.
History may show that the most significant date turns out not to be 9/11 but 2011.
For this is the year of the Arab Spring when ruthless dictators have been overthrown and the seeds of democracy sown in several countries, with more sure to follow.
But even this can’t ensure peace, as the attack yesterday on Israel’s embassy in Egypt shows.
So on this anniversary, it would be a brave person who would forecast the future.
Today it is right to look back but more important to look forward at how the terror threat can be ended so there will never be another 9/11.
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