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DTN News: Paris Air Show Top Stories / Headlines News Dated June 25, 2013

DTN News: Paris Air Show Top Stories / Headlines News Dated June 25, 2013
*International Media on PARIS AIR SHOW Related News
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - June 25, 2013: Comprehensive daily news related to Paris Air Show from Le Bourget, France.
*Comprehensive daily news related to Paris Air Show from Le Bourget, France.
*International Media on PARIS AIR SHOW Related News
Paris: A look at the 50th International Air Show - latimes.com
The 50th International Paris Air Show, said to be the world's largest aviation and space industry show, has taken off and will continue through Sunday.
Qatar Airways at 50th International Paris Air Show 2013 - YouTube
Qatar Airways had a strong presence at the Paris Air Show 2013 held at Le Bourget this week ...

Civil-Military Aviation Safety Cooperation Agreements Signed
Occupational Health and Safety
At the 50th International Paris Air Show last week, the chief executive of the European Defence Agency signed agreements with EUROCONTROL and the European Aviation Safety Agency for enhanced cooperation. Jun 24, 2013. Agreements to enhance ...
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The real transformers: Drone doubles on the rise
CNN International
Unveiling the new-look aircraft at last week's Paris Airshow, Piaggio Aero's CEO Alberto Galassi said the HammerHead -- which the company expects to be approved for use by 2014 -- offered "an insight into what an advanced UAS [Unmanned Aerial System] ...
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2013 Paris Air Show ends with fat orders
China Daily
PARIS - The Paris Air Show had a happy ending Sunday after global aviation industry players harvested a slew of contracts worth $100 billion. Fierce competition among world leading planemakers was felt from the very beginning of the week-long show at ...
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Paris Air Show gave a chance to see how Welsh businesses can compete in the...
The exhibition is a great showcase for an already lucrative Welsh aviation industry to present itself on a global platform. Leading figures such as David Jones, Secretary of State for Wales, were in attendance, championing industry leaders such as BAE ...
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100 years on, the Paris Air Show continues to impress
High Performance Composites
The 100th year and 50th edition of the Paris Air Show, held June 17-23 at Le Bourget, kicked off with fireworks, provided not by organizers but by some fearsomely impressive lightning storms. Yet, despite fortes pluies that drenched visitors on the ...
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Airbus Edges Boeing in Paris Air Show Orders
The Paris Air Show proved two things to investors. First, the competition between Boeing and Airbus has now reached a fever pitch — and airlines are certain to play the two manufacturers against each other to secure the sweetest deals on advanced, ...
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Major Fleet Upgrades Announced at Paris Air Show
Fodor's Travel
The annual Paris Air Show is commonly the site of major airplane order announcements and the 2013 version did not disappoint. While Boeing and Airbus have the biggest numbers smaller manufacturers also had big news during the week. Embraer scored ...
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Su-35 wows at Le Bourget Paris Air Show
Russia Beyond The Headlines
The demonstration flights of the newest Russian Su-35S fighter at the Paris Air Show 2013. Source: Youtube/ GTRASSI01. The “Russians” proved to be better at maneuvering and detecting the “Americans,” and were thus able to hit the target first. Gen.
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Kamov Ka-62 Makes Its Paris Debut
Aviation International News
Sometimes a rear view of an aircraft reveals more than a front view. The Kamov Ka-62, here at the Paris Air Show for the first time, sports a shrouded tail rotor, which is popular on many Eurocopter models, and a tail rotor, which is unique among civil ...
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