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DTN News - EGYPT UNREST: At Least 51 Killed in Attack Outside Cairo’s Army Headquarters

DTN News - EGYPT UNREST: At Least 51 Killed in Attack Outside Cairo’s Army Headquarters
• ElBaradei calls for independent investigation
• Muslim Brotherhood calls on Egyptians to 'rise up'
• Army says compound was targeted by 'terrorists'
• Injured report tear gas – then live ammunition
• Protesters face military at Rabaa mosque
• Live coverage of all developments throughout the day
• Share your text, images or videos of what's happening in Egypt

Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources Guardian & Alarabiya
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - July 8, 2013:  The death toll from an attack outside the headquarters of the Egypt’s Republican Guard in Cairo early on Monday soared to 51, the head of the emergency services told Reuters.

Khaled al-Khatib, a health ministry official, hat put the initial death toll at 34, saying that more than 300 others were wounded. 

The Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood traded blames over responsibility for the carnage.

“At dawn, an armed terrorist group tried to storm the Republican Guard [building]... attacking army troops and police,” the Egyptian army said in a statement, adding that one officer was killed.

A security source said that around 200 armed members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested in the attack on the Republican Guard's headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood said on Monday that 35 supporters of ousted President Mohammad Mursi were shot dead by security forces while they were praying.

"Mursi supporters were praying while the police and army fired live rounds and tear gas at them. This led to around 35 dead and the figure is likely to rise," the Brotherhood said in a statement.

The incident took place outside a key army headquarters, where – according to AFP – reporters were not allowed access.

The army reportedly fired tear gas canister and bullets in the air to disperse the crowd. AFP quoted one protesters as saying that men in civilian clothing attacked the demonstrators.

“The Republican Guard fired tear gas but the thugs came from the side. We were the target,” the protester told AFP.

Supporters of Mursi – who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood – have gathered in large number is different areas in Cairo in the past few days. They are vowing to defend the Islamist president, who was ousted by the Egyptian army after mass demonstration calling for him to be removed from power.

Mursi was the first freely elected president in Egypt.

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