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DTN News: Syria Top Stories / Headlines News Dated August 28, 2013

DTN News: Syria Top Stories / Headlines News Dated August 28, 2013
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - August 28, 2013: Comprehensive daily news related to Syria for the world of TODAY.
*Comprehensive daily news related to Syria Top Stories / Headlines News for the world of  TODAY

  1. Syria, poison gas and lessons unlearned from Iraq hours agoShare
    The U.S. and most Western countries, notably Britain and France, are pointing the finger at Assad for the attack, while the Syrian government ...
  2. Syria faces al-Qaeda's 'volcano of revenge' hours ago
    An al-Qaeda affiliate threatened a "volcano of revenge" against Syrian government security and military targets in retaliation for a suspected ...
  3. Strike on Syria Would Lead to Retaliation on Israel, Iran Warns

    New York Times-1 hour ago
    Iranian lawmakers and commanders issued stark warnings to the United States and its allies on Tuesday, saying any military strike on Syria ...
  4. UN envoy to Syria says evidence suggests some chemical ...

    CTV News-51 minutes ago
    GENEVA -- The UN's special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi says evidence sugggests that some kind of chemical "substance" was used in an ...
  5. White House lays out case for Syria response hours ago
    White House spokesman Jay Carney said that "it's in the clear national interests" of the United States to punish Syria's regime for what he called ...
  6. Harper and Obama want 'firm response' to Syria attack hours ago
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed today that Syria's recent actions call for a "firm response from the ...
  7. Syria crisis: Gauging Russia's reactions to strike scenario

    BBC News-7 minutes ago
    The suspicion in Moscow is that the West is plotting to add "Syria - 2013" to the list ... Moscow appears now to be expecting a US strike on Syria.
  8. Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

    The Guardian-4 hours ago
    The standoff between Syria and the west intensified when a UN inspection team came under sniper fire as it approached the site of the ...
  9. Ban Ki-Moon Appeals for Syria Diplomatic Solution

    ABC News-1 hour ago
    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pleaded Wednesday for a diplomatic solution to theSyrian conflict, even as world powers ...
  10. Trudeau urges Parliament recall to debate Syria

    The Globe and Mail-8 hours ago
    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Parliament should be recalled immediately to debate the situation in Syria – whether Canada plays a role ...
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