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DTN News: BAE Systems Bofors Signs A Contract With Akers Krutbruk

DTN News: BAE Systems Bofors Signs A Contract With Akers Krutbruk (NSI News Source Info) June 8, 2009: Akers Krutbruk has been selected to develop the protection system for Archer, the BAE Systems Bofors artillery system. Archer, the BAE Systems Bofors artillery system - BAE Systems Bofors in Karlskoga, Sweden, has developed the FH77 BW L52 self-propelled howitzer, a 155mm howitzer on a 6×6 chassis. The howitzer has a range of 40km using current standard ammunition and 60km with the M982 Excalibur rounds. The howitzer can also fire the Bonus top attack rounds developed by Bofors and Giat (now Nexter). Akers Krutbruk has been selected to develop the protection system for Archer, the BAE Systems Bofors artillery system. The Swedish and Norwegian defence organizations have ordered the development of Archer. The process of developing the system is scheduled until 2010, with an option of delivery of a series planned for fall 2011. The Archer System is based on reused parts of the classical model of haubits 77B, and Volvo’s dumper A 30D. Akers Krutbruk’s assignment is to develop an advanced mine and fragment protection system to create a safe working environment for the three or four soldiers that operate in the cabin. “We are pleased to have received this vote of confidence. Our team has extensive experience and the necessary competence in the area of protection, integration and project management. Initially we will perform tests to find the best solution that yield optimal protection at the lowest possible weight, says Niclas Sahlgren,” CEO at Akers Krutbruk. Akers Krutbruk are experts in the area of developing advanced protection systems for military vehicles. The company has participated in hundreds of vehicle projects and carried out thousands of tests. “Akers Krutbruk has proven that they deliver good solutions on time, and successfully develop products that have an optimal combination of weight, cost and level of protection. We have complete confidence in Akers Krutbruk, and feel certain that they will design the best system to protect the soldiers in the Archer cabin, says Hans Pettersson, Program Manager at BAE Systems Bofors. The market potential for Archer is great, and at this point there is an anticipated order of 48 systems in 2009 from the Swedish and the Norwegian Armed Forces. There has also been a show of interest from the Armed Forces in other countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Malaysia, Qatar and the Czech Republic.

DTN News: Boeing P-8A Poseidon T2 Successfully Completes 1st Flight / Boeing P-8A Poseidon T2 Successfully Completes 1st Flight

DTN News: Boeing P-8A Poseidon T2 Successfully Completes 1st Flight / Boeing P-8A Poseidon T2 Successfully Completes 1st Flight
*Source: Boeing Co.
(NSI News Source Info) SEATTLE - June 8, 2009: Boeing P-8A Poseidon test aircraft T2 takes off from Renton Field on June 5, to begin its successful first flight. T2 took off at 10:32 a.m. Pacific time and landed two hours and 56 minutes later at Boeing Field in Seattle at 1:28 p.m. The U.S. Navy plans to purchase 108 P-8A aircraft to replace its fleet of P-3Cs. Initial operational capability is planned for 2013. The flight plan for T2, painted in its new U.S. Navy livery, included a flyby of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash., to give Navy personnel a close-up look at the Poseidon. The Navy is purchasing 117 P-8As to replace its fleet of P-3Cs. The anti-submarine warfare aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet as pilots performed airborne systems checks such as engine accelerations and decelerations, autopilot flight modes and auxiliary power unit shutdowns and starts. T2 is the third of five test aircraft being assembled and tested as part of the System Development and Demonstration contract that Boeing received in 2004. T1, the program’s first test aircraft, completed its first flight on April 25.

DTN News: Cyprus to Purchase Russian T-80U Tanks / Greek-Cypriots To Purchase Russian T-80U Tanks

DTN News: Cyprus to Purchase Russian T-80U Tanks / Greek-Cypriots To Purchase Russian T-80U Tanks
(NSI News Source Info) NICOSIA, Cyprus - June 8, 2009: The government of the Greek-dominated portion of Cyprus plans to purchase new armored vehicles for its armed forces.
The T-80 is a main battle tank (MBT) designed and manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A development of the T-64, it entered service in 1976 and was the first production tank to be equipped with a gas turbine engine for main propulsion (the Stridsvagn 103 only used a supplementary gas turbine by 1971). The T-80U was last produced in a factory in Omsk, Russia, while the T-80UD and further-developed T-84 continue to be produced in Ukraine. The T-80 and its variants are in service in Belarus, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, and Ukraine. The chief designer of the T-80 was the Russian engineer Nikolay Popov.
The T-80 main battle tank has been in production since the late 1970s. KBTM of Omsk, Russian Federation, manufactures the T-80U for general use in infantry and tank units and the T-80UK command tank and XKBM, Kharkov, Ukraine, manufactures the T-80UD and the T-84. 320 T-80UD tanks have been ordered from Ukraine by Pakistan, and are being delivered. In August 2002, it was announced that South Korea is to purchase from Russia a number of T-80 tanks.
Cyprus is the first foreign country to officially obtain T-80 tanks. Russia sold 27 T-80U and 14 T-80UK for $174 million to Cyprus. The tanks arrived in two batches. The first one consisting of 27 T-80U MBTs arrived in 1996 while the second one consisting of 14 T-80UK MBTs arrived in 1997. This significantly reinforced the army of this country the best tank of which up until then was AMX-30B2. New tanks also gave the Cypriot National Guard the edge in a possible confrontation with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As of now Cypriot government is interested in buying Ukrainian T-84 MBTs as, in the eyes of Cyprus, the Russians have demanded too much money for their T-80 tanks.
The Greek-Cypriot government will soon conclude a deal to acquire Russian-built tanks. Under this contract, Russia will deliver an unspecified number of T-80U tanks to the Greek-Cypriot National Guard.
The T-80U tanks are built by Omsk Transport Machine-Building Bureau. The island of Cyprus is divided into Greek and Turkish controlled sections.

DTN News: Pakistan TODAY June 8, 2009 - Pakistani Police Officer On High Alert For Taliban's Attacks

DTN News: Pakistan TODAY June 8, 2009 - Pakistani Police Officer On High Alert For Taliban's Attacks
(NSI News Source Info) PESHAWAR, Pakistan - June 8, 2009: A Pakistani police officer looks at a driver's ID at a checkpoint on June 8, 2009 in Peshawar, Pakistan. Pakistani cities are on high alert after the most recent Islamabad suicide blast that killed two police officers. The attacks are seen as retribution by the Taliban for Pakistan's on-going military operations.
According to the NWFP authorities and the UN, at least 3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) have now been registered as a result from recent fighting.

DTN News: India TODAY June 8, 2009 - Indian Paramilitary Soldier Patrols To Control Demonstrators In Srinagar

DTN News: India TODAY June 8, 2009 - Indian Paramilitary Soldier Patrols To Control Demonstrators In Srinagar
(NSI News Source Info) NEW DELHI, India - June 8, 2009: An Indian paramilitary soldier patrols on a deserted street outside the grand mosque in Srinagar, India, Monday, June 8, 2009. Forensic reports show that the two young women whose deaths sparked a week of protest in Indian Kashmir were raped, police said, increasing the potential for unrest among demonstrators who blame Indian troops for the killings.

DTN News: Israeli Forces Kill 5 Militants Near Border With Gaza

DTN News: Israeli Forces Kill 5 Militants Near Border With Gaza (NSI News Source Info) GAZA - Monday, 8 June 2009: At least five Palestinian militants were killed early on Monday in a shootout with Israeli troops on the border with the Gaza Strip, a local security official said.Israeli soldiers remove brabed-wires from the Bir Zeit checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah on June 3, 2009. Israel said it had dismantled two checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, where the army has erected more than 600 barriers, hampering the Palestinians freedom of movement.
According to the source, a 10-man militant group attempted to cross the border from Hamas-controlled Gaza near the eastern crossing of Nahal Oz.
The Israeli military said troops backed by a combat helicopter engaged the militants after they opened fire on one of its patrols in the area.
There have been no reports of casualties among the Israeli soldiers.
The shootout is the largest in recent months following the three-week Israeli air and ground offensive in Gaza in January when at least 1,300 Palestinians were killed and 5,000 injured.

DTN News: E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Test Team Recognized For Outstanding Contributions in Aerospace Weapons System Development

DTN News: E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Test Team Recognized For Outstanding Contributions in Aerospace Weapons System Development
*Source: Northrop Grumman Corporation
(NSI News Source Info) BETHPAGE, N.Y. - June 8, 2009: The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Test Team (ITT) - composed of military, civil service and industry personnel from Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, prime contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation and other aerospace industry contractors - has received the Weapons Systems Award from the Order of Daedalians, an organization that has been dedicated to supporting military services and aerospace activities for more than 75 years. Conducting developmental testing at Northrop Grumman's East Coast Manufacturing Center in St. Augustine, Fla., the E-2D Integrated Test team has completed more than 1,000 hours of flight test using two System Development and Demonstration (SD&D) aircraft since August 2007. The program continues to meet, or exceed, all major program and performance milestones. The team has been conducting developmental testing on two System Development and Demonstration (SD&D) aircraft at Northrop Grumman's East Coast Manufacturing Center in St. Augustine, Fla., since April 2007. The two aircraft will soon transition to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., to begin the aircraft carrier suitability phase of testing. "With more than 1,000 hours of flight test completed since August 2007, the E-2D ITT has dedicated itself to working together to ensure the success of the SD&D program," said Jim Culmo, vice president of Airborne Early Warning and Battle Management Command Control Programs for Northrop Grumman's Aerospace Systems sector. "The value of an integrated test team is the different perspectives and experience each team member brings. Through the dedication and hard work of this team, we are continuing to meet, or exceed, all major program and performance milestones." For over 40 years, Northrop Grumman has provided the U.S. Navy with airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) capabilities. According to the Navy's Advanced Hawkeye program manager, Capt. Shane Gahagan, the completely redesigned systems and capabilities of the E-2D will provide the carrier group with expanded situational and battlespace awareness to support the warfighter on today's and tomorrow's missions. "This has been the most challenging and rewarding project that I have ever had the privilege of working on," said Marty McCord, Contractor Flight Test director for Northrop Grumman. "There can be nothing more satisfying than working through years of planning and moving into test and having the test aircrew come back and tell you that the E-2D is truly a 'Weapon System Operators' aircraft." In addition to this award, the E-2D ITT has been recognized as a model Integrated Test Team by Vice Adm. David Architzel, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition). The team has also received recognition as: the U.S. Navy's VX-20 Test Team of the Quarter (second quarter 2008), the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Test Team of the Year, 2007 and the 2008 James S. McDonnell Test Team of the Year from the Society of Experimental Flight Test Engineers. Membership in the Order of Daedalians consists of commissioned, warrant and flight officer military pilots and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS). The Daedalians Weapon Systems Award, as well as the accompanying Colonel Franklin C. Wolfe Memorial Trophy, is presented annually to individuals, groups or organizations (military or civilian) judged to have contributed the most outstanding weapons system development in the aerospace environment. The trophy is named in honor of the late Colonel Franklin C. Wolfe, who served as Assistant Chief and then Chief of the Armament Laboratory of the Army Air Forces Materiel Command from 1939 until his retirement in 1944. Northrop Grumman Corporation is a leading global security company whose 120,000 employees provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, shipbuilding and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide.

DTN News: Taiwan War Game Simulates Chinese Attack: Media Report

DTN News: Taiwan War Game Simulates Chinese Attack: Media Report (NSI News Source Info) TAIPEI, Taiwan - June 8, 2009: Taiwan held a virtual military exercise Friday June 5, simulating an invasion of the island by China despite warming ties between the once bitter rivals, a report said. An armored personnel carrier transports President Ma Ying-jeou to a command post at Yuanshan, Taipei. Ma visited the command post as director of war game Operation Han Kuang June 5. The drill, part of the annual "Han Kuang" war games, was played out entirely on computers in a Taipei military command centre presided over by President Ma Ying-jeou, the United Evening News reported. The computers simulated a ground attack by 200,000 Chinese troops, with Taiwan eventually gaining the upper hand after a series of battles, it said. A scenario in which Chinese troops attempt to capture Taiwan's leaders was omitted from this year's drill because of the improvement in cross-strait relations since Ma took office in May last year, it said. The defence ministry declined to comment. China and Taiwan have been governed separately since the end of a civil war in 1949, but Beijing views the island as part of its territory awaiting reunification, by force if necessary. China has repeatedly threatened to invade the island should it declare formal independence.

DTN News: Textron Marine + Land Systems Delivers 2000th ASV

DTN News: Textron Marine & Land Systems Delivers 2000th ASV (NSI News Source Info) NEW ORLEANS, LA - June 8, 2009: Textron Marine & Land Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. company, rolled the 2,000th Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) off its Slidell, Louisiana assembly line today and recognized the milestone in a ceremony including top officials with the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM). The M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) is the base model of the ASV both in production and in combat use. It is the patrol version utilized by Convoy Protection platform units and tactical military police of the U.S. Army. Textron's ASV M1117 entered production in 1999, and has current contracts totaling more than 1,900 vehicles. The ASV M1117 has been fielded in Germany, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq with the U.S. Army's MPs and Convoy Protection units. The ASV M1117 4x4 armored, wheeled vehicle serves as a battlefield-proven convoy protection platform providing for exceptional levels of soldier protection and security. The low profile UGWS 40/50 turret's under-armor reload capability, combined with it's oblique armored steel hull and ceramic composite expandable armor, provide for unparalleled all around survivability against small arms fire, Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG), overhead artillery fragmentations and under-wheel and under-hull mine blasts. To these impressive attributes, add the fact that the M1117 has shown a combat availability rate of 94-95% and an operational readiness rate consistently average 90-95% despite logging more than 30,000 miles per year in combat operations. Col. Scott Kidd, U.S. Army Project Manager, Tactical Vehicles, joined representatives from the U.S. Army Military Police School, local government officials and Textron Marine & Land Systems employees to mark the delivery of the 2,000th ASV. “The ASV, the first Convoy Protection Platform, continues to remain safe, suitable and effective in the war fight. The production of the 2000th unit is significant reflecting the relevance of the system and the ability of the Textron workforce to produce a high quality product,” said Col. Kidd. “This ASV program has been outstanding because of the dedication of the people here at Textron Marine & Land Systems who put their efforts into making the best vehicle possible for our troops,” said Textron Marine & Land Systems General Manager Tom Walmsley. “The vehicle designed and built here has protected thousands of soldiers doing their duty in operations all over the world. That is what we’re about here. Every soldier that returns home to his or her family because he or she was in an ASV is a triumph for every employee here working on this program.” The ASV is a 4X4 wheeled armored vehicle that offers significant crew protection through the employment of multiple layers of armor, defending against small arms fire, artillery projectile fragments, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and land mines. The ASV possesses superior mobility, agility, handling and ride quality through the utilization of a four-wheel independent suspension system. The ASV has maintained exceptional operational readiness and combat availability rates over the life of the U.S. Army program as vehicles log more than 30,000 miles per year in combat operations. Textron Marine & Land Systems has achieved more than 44 consecutive months of on-time delivery to the U.S. Army on the ASV program. The ASV family of vehicles performs a wide variety of missions including scout, infantry personnel carrier, reconnaissance, command and control and recovery. U.S. Army ASV missions include operations with the Military Police, convoy protection, perimeter security, as well as Field Artillery Combat Observation and Lasing Teams (COLT) with the M-1200 ASV configuration.

DTN News: Afghanistan - Bagram Air Base - 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Organization

DTN News: Afghanistan - Bagram Air Base - 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Organization
(NSI News Source Info) KABUL, Afghanistan - June 8, 2009: The 455th Air Expeditonary Wing commander reports to the Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) forward deployed to Southwest Asia. The commander is supported by a wing staff and oversees six Air Force groups located at Bagram and Kandahar Airfields.
The 455th Expeditionary Operations Group is responsible for flying missions from Bagram Airfield, utilizing A-10, F-15E, C-130, EC-130 and EA-6B aircraft.
The 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group maintains and delivers aircraft for use in airlift and strike missions for Operation Enduring Freedom.
The 455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group provides 24-hour support and maintains the infrastructure necessary to conduct combat operations in Afghanistan.
The 455th Expeditionary Medical Group is the Air Force component for Task Force Med, which provides combat medical and combat medical support services to U.S. and coalition forces throughout Afghanistan. Along with the U.S. Army, the 455 EMDG staffs Craig Joint Theater Hospital at Bagram.
The 755th Air Expeditionary Group, at Bagram, provides administrative control for Airmen deployed throughout Afghanistan, most of whom are performing duties for U.S. and Coalition forces.
The 451st Air Expeditionary Group is located at Kandahar Airfield and includes an expeditionary reconnaissance squadron, an expeditionary rescue squadron and an expeditionary air control squadron.

DTN News: China Urges U.N. Caution On North Korea

DTN News: China Urges U.N. Caution On North Korea Tokyo wants a 'strong' resolution *Source: Kyodo News
(NSI News Source Info) TOKYO, Japan - June 8, 2009: Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi called Sunday for "an appropriate and balanced" U.N. Security Council resolution over North Korea's nuclear test, apparently signaling that China won't accept tougher sanctions against Pyongyang, a Foreign Ministry official said. During talks with Yang in Tokyo, Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone emphasized the need to "swiftly" adopt a "strong" resolution and pointed out that China's role is important in preventing North Korea from taking provocative actions. Yang, however, told Nakasone that peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula are also important and that China wants "an appropriate and balanced" United Nations resolution. The two foreign ministers meanwhile failed to make any progress on the Japan-China joint gas exploration project in a disputed area of the East China Sea. Earlier in the day, Asia's two biggest financial powerhouses pledged to help pump up the world economy and called for an early conclusion to global trade liberalization talks. The agreement was reached between Nakasone and Vice Premier Wang Qishan during a one-day economic meeting. The two economic giants also agreed to establish a working group to consider creating a legal framework and enforcing crackdowns to curb violations of intellectual property rights, according to a memorandum signed earlier in the day by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Toshihiro Nikai and Commerce Minister Chen Deming. Nikai and Chen agreed that the working group should meet once a year. Nikai asked that it convene its first meeting by the end of the year. A 2004 study by the Japan Patent Office estimated that Japanese companies lost around ¥9.3 trillion in China from pirated goods. Nikai said he asked Chen to drop an envisaged compulsory certification system for information technology products made by foreign companies. Nikai proposed that China refer such cases to an international certification system. Chen was quoted as telling Nikai that Beijing took note of Japan's high level of interest in the issue. China says it will introduce the system next May.

DTN News: Iran Launches New Missile Production Line

DTN News: Iran Launches New Missile Production Line
(NSI News Source Info) TEHRAN, Iran - June 8, 2009: Iran on Saturday June 6, launched production line of a new homemade supersonic ground-to-air missile system, local English-language Press TV reported.
The smart missile system called "Shahin (hawk)", which has a range of more than 40 kilometers, is capable of targeting fighter jets and helicopters, Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar who inaugurated the production line was quoted as saying.
The research and production phases of the defense system, including missile, missile interceptors, hardware and software networks and launch pad have been carried out by Iranian experts, Mohammad-Najjar said, adding that it will promote Iran's defense capabilities against possible air attacks.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced last month that Iran has successfully launched an advanced surface-to-surface missile named "Sejil 2" with a range of about 2,000 km.
Mohammad-Najjar announced last year that the Islamic Republic has successfully test-fired a new generation of surface-to-surface missile named Sejil which has a range of about 2,000 km. Iran had already test-fired its another Shehab-3 missile capable of hitting targets within a range of 2,000 km, vowing that its missile capabilities are "a defensive tool against invasions."