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DTN News - SPECIAL REPORT: A Nightmare For An iPad Traveller By Rogers

DTN News - SPECIAL REPORT: A Nightmare For An iPad Traveller By Rogers
*Rogers - Canada claims iPad occur roaming charges of $11,285.40 between November 7 to 12, 2012 (period of 6 days) 
Source: DTN News - - K. V. Seth
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - February 14, 2013: We have heard mostly seniors are targeted by scammers, but I never realised as soon I turned 65 years old that Rogers, a reputable Canadian company behaves in an abnormal fashion to extract funds from seniors in any formation related to the services provided by the company  and to back up their ludicrous billing and statement would cook up a despicable cock and bull story.

I had Rogers Flex Rate Plan as 3G for my iPad2 paying $25 monthly since the conception of the Apple darling tool iPad2 early March, 2011. Rogers Flex Rate Plan covers from Coast-to-Coast in Canada only. 

Prior March 2011 and to-date, I had with my family several trips abroad visiting dear, near and friends in the East & West. It is understandable Rogers Flex Rate Plan for iPad2 is and was not compatible in Asian and European countries, the regional WiFi  is required for exerting iPad2 respectively.

Beginning of the episode - my nightmare and Rogers harassment;  Mid January, 2013., I received a call from Rogers and an entity identify himself as Jamal claims outstanding of $1182.34 on G3 account relating to my iPad2, which was a shocker.  Rogers - Canada claims my iPad2 ~ 3G occur roaming charges.  This hideous episode is related to my last trip to Singapore, as I had a knee replacement surgery at Glen Eagle Hospital on November 8, 2012. Rogers claims my iPad2 ~ 3G occur enormous roaming charges. 

Second day of the episode - my nightmare enlarged and added Rogers harassment; The very next day another guy Vaden called from Rogers relating the outstanding account explaining, which turn out to be an astonishment atrocious act, deflecting a heavy jolt to my understanding and claiming that in fact the actual amount I owe was $11,285.40, but Rogers was kind enough to allow a DISCOUNT of $10,000 bringing to current amount of $1182.34 and if I settle account immediately, Vaden claims that he has the authority to allow a further discount of $50.00 on the outstanding of $1182.34 and mentioned that my iPad2 usage of the internet between November 7 to 12, 2012 (period of 6 days) for downloading was 31849 MB, whereas the iPad2 was switched off for safe keeping with my wife while I was in post surgery for a week till I was able to function my laptop / iPad2. Vaden gave a reference number to the conversation, which is I575363632 (the first letter is I for Ice cream).

Besides, there were several entities namely Serena and others from Rogers calling in conjunction with the outstanding account. I would like to repeat and reemphasize that Glen Eagle Hospital Singapore issued me an User ID and Password to activate my iPad2, without their consent it was not possible to operate the internet. Our trip commenced on November 6, 2012 to Singapore and returned home to Toronto on December 17, 2012. 

It seems utility companies like Rogers has enormous authority and power to charge consumer at will unquestionably. It is time for the authorities to protect seniors from such fraudulent scams. Technology should be used as a boon and not as a curse.

I browsed through the internet and noticed umpteen articles on this aspect in pattern and self-explanatory.

Warning: Rogers (data roaming bogus charges) -

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DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: New US Navy High-Speed Ship Unveiled

DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: New US Navy High-Speed Ship Unveiled
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith 
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - February 14, 2013: The US Navy has unveiled the USNS Spearhead - its first Joint High Speed Vessel, capable of transporting troops and equipment more quickly than ever before.

The USNS Spearhead is the Navy's first Joint High Speed Vessel. It is designed for rapid intra-theatre transport of troops and military equipment.

The ship was built in Mobile, Alabama and is docking in St Petersburg, Florida for a few days so top military brass at MacDill Air Force Base and Central Command can tour the ship.
It is a 338-ft long catamaran that can transport 600 tonnes vehicles, supplies and equipment.

"When we're going fast it feels very much like you're flying in an airplane," said Captain Douglas Casavant.

USNS Spearhead (JHSV 1), the innovative high-speed catamaran transport ship under construction by shipbuilder Austal in Mobile, Alabama, successfully completed Builder's Sea Trials (BST) on April 19 in the Gulf of Mexico. The trials encompassed over 50 demonstration events that enabled the shipbuilder to rigorously test the ship and all of its systems in preparation for final inspection by the United States Navy before delivery.
Notable achievements during the trials included a demonstration of major systems along with first-of-class standardization and maneuverability trials, reaching a top speed in excess of 35 knots.
A series of high-speed ahead and astern maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrated the effectiveness of the ship’s four steerable waterjets. In the course of repeated high-speed turns the ship demonstrated the stability and agility of the catamaran hullform, with the JHSV exhibiting virtually no heeling motions throughout the radical turns.
Upon returning from the full-power trial, Joe Rella, President and Chief Operating Officer of Austal USA, remarked: “The successful first run trials for this prototype vessel validates the quality and reliability of Austal’s shipbuilding know-how. I have never witnessed a more problem-free Builder’s Sea Trial than USNS Spearhead’s. The global Austal organization successfully participated in the design, procurement, and production of this ship with a great outcome, all being accomplished while locally, Austal USA continues to hire new workers and expand our facilities. This is a telltale sign of the dedication of our team of shipbuilding professionals.”
Austal's US facility is a full-service shipyard offering design, construction and high-speed vessel service and repair. As Austal continues to expand its service and repair capabilities, the company is well positioned for new business with engineering, test and trials capabilities, and a new waterfront facility all co-located on the Mobile Bay waterfront.
Austal is currently under contract with the U.S. Navy to build nine 103-metre JHSVs under a 10-ship, US$1.6 billion contract and five 127-metre Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) class vessels, four of which are a part of a 10-ship, US$3.5 billion contract.
For the LCS and JHSV programs, Austal, as prime contractor, is teamed with General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics. As the ship systems integrator, General Dynamics is responsible for the design, integration and testing of the ship’s electronic systems including the combat system, networks, and seaframe control. General Dynamics’ proven open architecture approach allows for affordable and efficient capability growth as technologies develop.
Austal has grown into one of southern Alabama’s largest employers with over 2,800 employees on staff hailing from the Mobile Area, Mississippi, Florida, and beyond. Under the current workload, Austal expects to employ over 4,000 Americans by the end of 2013, and will be ready to help the U.S. Navy meet any national security contingency ahead.
Click here for further information on the JHSV
JHSV 1 on the Mobile River

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