Monday, March 18, 2013

DTN News - QATARI DEFENSE NEWS: Gulf Falcon 2013 Qatar-France Military Exercise

DTN News - QATARI DEFENSE NEWS: Gulf Falcon 2013 Qatar-France Military Exercise 
Source: DTN News 
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - March 18, 2013: Gulf Falcon Exercise 2013, conducted by the Qatari Armed Forces and the French Armed Forces from February 16 to March 7, concluded in Al Galayel Square.

HE the Chief of Staff Major-General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah and his French counterpart Admiral Edouard Guillaud attended the final day of the exercises in which 3,000 troops participated.

The Gulf Falcon Exercise is held every four years by the Qatari Armed Forces and its French counterpart. Some 1,700 Qatari troops participated in the exercise, along with 1,300 French soldiers. The exercise aims to highlight the joint defence strategy of Qatar and France.  

In a statement to the press, HE the Chief of Staff Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah thanked the French Armed Forces for participating in the exercise. He added that the Gulf Falcon 2013 was part of the bilateral co-operation between two countries.  

Al-Attiyah said that the exercise has been planned for a long time, expressing his satisfaction of how the exercise was executed. The Chief of Staff said that the participation of all the branches of the Armed Forces distinguished Gulf Falcon 2013 from other exercises.

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