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DTN News - RARE PHOTO: City of Gifu, Japan ~ 1945

DTN News - RARE PHOTO: City of Gifu, Japan ~ 1945
*Kawasaki Ki-78 "Ken-3" High Speed Experimental Aircraft
Source: DTN News 
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - February 1, 2013: An American M7 "Priest" smashing up Japanese aircraft fuselages at the aircraft factory in Gifu. Under the right track of the M7, a Kawasaki Ki-78 KEN fighter. 

The aircraft was powered by a Daimler-Benz and during one of the flights reached a speed of about 700 km / h, but it had significant drawbacks on the airframe.Trying to remedy the drawbacks failed. Work at the plant was stopped in 1944.

Kawasaki Ki-78 "Ken-3" High Speed Experimental Aircraft
Length : 8.10m  - Wing Span : 8.00m - Hight : 3.07m - Wing Area : 11.0 Square Meter
All-Up Weight : 2,300Kg - Empty Weight : 1,930Kg
Engine : Dimler-Benz DB601 Modify Watar Cooling Engine (1,550hp) X 1
(The methanol injection system equiped)
Max Speed : 699.9Km/h - Service Ceiling : 8,000m
Range : 600Km - Crew : 1 - Armament : None

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