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DTN News - INDIA DEFENSE NEWS: Indian Navy Planning To Procure Warships From The U.S., South Korea

DTN News - INDIA DEFENSE NEWS: Indian Navy Planning To Procure Warships From The U.S., South Korea
(NSI News Source Info) NEW DELHI, India - April 19, 2011:

India is planning to procure eight new South Korean minesweepers for its Navy to augment its fleet of warships capable of detonating sea mines.

The Navy is also considering procuring two American used Osprey-class minesweepers, navy officials said here.

“Defence Ministry is holding commercial negotiations with the Kangnam Corporation of South Korea for procuring eight minesweepers of which two would be constructed at the vendors’ shipyards and the rest would be built in India,” they said.

At present, the Navy operates 12 minesweepers of the Pondicherry and Karwar class that are deployed in equal numbers along the Eastern and the Western sea board.

The warships were built in the 1970s and 1980s and the Navy is planning to replace them with the modern vessels.

The ministry had shortlisted two vendors including the Pusan-based Kangnam Corporation and Italian firm Intermarine but the Korean firm was chosen as it was the lowest bidder and met the technical and other requirements, they added.

The contract was to be signed with Kangnam earlier but it got delayed after the Italian firm went to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) against the decision.

But the issue has been resolved now and the contract negotiations are progressing well, officials said.

According to the tender, Kangnam will be required to build the first two warships, following which Goa Shipyard Limited will be commissioned to build the rest minesweepers at its facilities.

The first ship is likely to be delivered by 2016 and Goa Shipyard Limited will deliver the remaining ships by 2018.

In addition, the navy is also planning to induct two used Osprey-class minesweepers from the U.S. that were decommissioned by the U.S. Navy in 2007.

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Present Fleet (173 in Service)

ClassShips in classCommission DateOriginBuilder
Aircraft carrier (1 in service)
CentaurINS Viraat (R22)20 May 1987 United KingdomVickers-Armstrong
INS Viraat
Nuclear submarine (1 in service)
Chakra (Akula)[1]INS Chakra20 Aug 2010 RussiaKomsomolsk-on-Amur
Akula class submarine
Submarines (14 in Service)
Sindhughosh (Kilo)INSSindhughosh(S55)30 Apr 1986 RussiaFirst six built by Admiralty Shipyard, St Petersberg; remainder by Krasnoye Sormovo Plant Production Association, Nizhniy Novgorod.
INS Sindhurakshak
INS Sindhudhvaj(S56)12 Jun 1987
INS Sindhuraj(S57)20 Oct 1987
INS Sindhuvir(S58)26 Aug 1988
INS Sindhuratna(S59)22 Dec 1988
INSSindhukesari(S60)16 Feb 1989
INS Sindhukirti(S61)04 Jan 1990
INS Sindhuvijay(S62)18 Mar 1991
INSSindhurakshak(S63)24 Dec 1997
INSSindhushastra(S65)19 Jul 2000
Shishumar (Type 209)INS Shishumar(S44)22 Sep 1986 Germany/ IndiaFirst two built by HDW last two by Mazagon Dock Limited
INS Shankush(S45)20 Nov 1986
INS Shalki(S46)07 Feb 1992
INS Shankul(S47)28 May 1994
Destroyers (8 in service)
Delhi (Project 15) INS Delhi (D61) 15 Nov 1997 IndiaMazagon Dock
INS Delhi
INS Mysore(D60) 02 Jun 1999
INS Mumbai(D62)22 Jan 2001
Rajput (Kashin II)INS Rajput(D51) 30 Sep 1980 Soviet Union61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant
INS Ranvijay
INS Rana (D52) 28 Jun 1982
INS Ranjit (D53) 28 Nov 1983
INS Ranvir(D54) 28 Oct 1986
INS Ranvijay(D55) 15 Jan 1988
Frigates (12 in service)
Shivalik(Project 17)INS Shivalik29 April 2010 IndiaMazagon Dock Limited
INS Shivalik
Talwar (Krivak III)INS Talwar(F40)18 Jun 2003 RussiaBaltiysky Zavod
INS Talwar
INS Trishul(F43)25 Jun 2003
INS Tabar (F44)19 Apr 2004
Brahmaputra (Project 16A)INSBrahmaputra(F31)14 Apr 2000 IndiaGRSE
INS Beas
INS Betwa (F39)07 Jul 2004
INS Beas (F37)11 Jul 2005
Godavari (Project 16)INS Godavari(F20)10 Dec 1983 IndiaMazagon Dock
INS Ganga
INS Ganga(F22)30 Dec 1985
INS Gomati(F21)16 Apr 1988
NilgiriINS Taragiri(F41)16 May 1980 IndiaMazagon Dock
INS Vindhyagiri
Corvettes (24 in Service)
Kora (Type 25A)INS Kora (P61)10 Aug 1998 IndiaGRSE
INS Kora
INS Kirch (P62)22 Jan 2001
INS Kulish(P63)20 Aug 2001
INS Karmuk(P64)04 Feb 2004
Khukri (Type 25)INS Khukri(P49)23 Aug 1989 IndiaMazagon Dock/GRSE
INS Kuthar
INS Kuthar(P46)07 Jun 1990
INS Kirpan(P44)12 Jan 1991
INS Khanjar(P47)22 Oct 1991
Veer (Tarantul I)INS Veer (K40)26 Mar 1987 Soviet Union5 Ships were former USSR Navy ships which were transferred to Indian Navy, Rest were built by Mazagon Dock Limited and Goa Shipyard Limited
INS Nirbhik
INS Nirbhik(K41)21 Dec 1987
INS Nipat (K42)05 Dec 1988
INS Nishank(K43)12 Sep 1989
INS Nirghat(K44)15 Dec 1989
INS Vibhuti(K45)03 Jun 1991
INS Vipul (K46)16 Mar 1992
INS Vinash(K47)20 Nov 1993
INS Vidyut(K48)16 Jan 1995
INS Nashak(K83)29 Dec 1996
INS Prabal(K92)11 Apr 2002
INS Pralaya(K91)18 Dec 2002
Abhay (Pauk II)INS Abhay(P33)10 Mar 1989 Soviet Union
INS Ajay (P34)24 Jan 1990
INS Akshay(P35)10 Dec 1990
INS Agray (P36)30 Jan 1991
Amphibious Warfare Ships (20 in Service)
AustinINS Jalashwa(L41)22 Jun 2007 United StatesLockheed Shipbuilding
INS Jalashwa
ShardulINS Shardul(L16)04 Jan 2007 IndiaGRSE
INS Kesari (L15)05 Apr 2008
INS Airavat(L24)19 May 2009
MagarINS Magar (L20)15 Jul 1987 IndiaHindustan Shipyard Limited GRSE
INS Magar
INS Gharial(L23)14 Feb 1997
Kumbhir(Polnocny Class)INS Sharabh(L17)27 Jan 1976 PolandGdańsk Shipyard and Stocznia Gdynia
INS Sharabh
INS Cheetah(L18)Feb 1985
INS Mahish(L19)04 Jun 1985
INS Guldar(L21)Dec 1985
INS Kumbhir(L22)Nov 1986
Nicobar Class (Type B-561)INS NicobarApr 1998 PolandSzczecin Shipyard[2]
INS AndamansApr 2000
MK.8/MK.3 Landing craftL3312 Jan 1980 IndiaGoa Shipyard Limited[3]
INS Vasco Da Gama (L34)28 Jan 1980
L3517 Dec 1983
L3618 Jul 1986
L3718 Oct 1986
INS Midhur(L38)10 Dec 1986
INS Mangala(L39)25 Mar 1987
Patrol Ships (31 in Service)
SukanyaINS Sukanya(P50)31 Aug 1989 South KoreaFirst 3 vessels built by Korea Tacoma which was later bought by Sungdong Shipbuilding Rest were built by Hindustan Shipyard Limited
INS Suvarna
INS Subhadra(P51)25 Jan 1990
INS Suvarna(P52)04 Apr 1991
INS Savitri(P53)27 Nov 1990
INS Sharada(P55)27 Oct 1991
INS Sujata(P56)03 Nov 1993
Seaward defence boatsSDB T-57GRSE Mazagon Dock
Car NicobarINS Car Nicobar(T69)16 Feb 2009 IndiaGRSE
INS Chetlat(T70)16 Feb 2009
INS Kora Divh(T71)10 Sep 2009
INS Cheriyam(T72)10 Sep 2009
INS Cankaraso(T73)29 Jun 2010
INS Kondul(T74)29 Jun 2010


INS Kalpeni(T75)20 Sep 2010[5]
BangaramINS Bangaram(T65)10 Feb 2006 IndiaGRSE
INS Bitra (T66)28 Mar 2006
INS Batti Malv(T67)31 Jul 2006
INS Baratang(T68)12 Sep 2006
TrinkatINS Trinkat(T61)28 Sep 2000 IndiaGRSE
INS Tarasa(T63)24 Aug 2001
MakarINS Mesh (J34)
Super Dvora Mk.II ClassFAC T-8024 Jun 1998 IsraelIAI Ramta
FAC T-84
FAC T-8106 Jun 1999
FAC T-8209 Oct 2003
FAC T-8327 Nov 2003
FAC T-8419 Apr 2004
FAC T-852005
FAC T-862005
Minesweepers (8 in Service)
Pondicherry[6]INS Alleppey(M65)10 Jun 1980 Soviet Union
INS Kozhikode
INS Ratnagiri(M66)10 Jun 1980
INS Karwar(M67)14 Jul 1986
INS Cannanore(M68)17 Dec 1987
INS Cuddalore(M69)29 Oct 1987
INS Kakinanda(M70)23 Dec 1986
INS Kozhikode(M71)19 Dec 1988
INS Konkan(M72)08 Oct 1988
Replenishment Tankers (11 in Service)
Deepak class[7][8]INS Deepak[9]21 January 2011 ItalyFincantieri
Jyoti class(Komandarm Fedko)INS Jyoti (A58)20 Jul 1996 Russia
Aditya class tankerINS Aditya(A59)03 Apr 2000 IndiaGRSE
INS Aditya
Deepak class tankerINS Shakti(A57)31 Dec 1975
Ambika classINS Ambika23 Jan 1995 IndiaHindustan Shipyard Limited
Poshak classINS Palan
INS Pushpa
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
Survey ship (8 in Service)
SandhyakINS Sandhayak(J18)14 Mar 1981
INS Darshak
INS Nirdeshak(J19)04 Oct 1982
INS Nirupak(J14)14 Aug 1985
INS Investigator(J15)11 Jan 1990
INS Jamuna(J16)31 Aug 1991
INS Sutlej (J17)19 Feb 1993
INS Darshak(J20)28 Apr 2001
INS Sarvekshak(J22)14 Jan 2002
Research Vessel (1 in Service)
SagardhwaniINSSagardhwani(A74)30 Jul 1994
Training Vessel (2 in Service)
INS Tir (A86)21 Feb 1986
INS Krishna(F46)22 Aug 1995
Sail training Vessel (2 in Service)
Varuna ClassINS Varuna1981
INS Tarangini
INS Tarangini11 Nov 1997
Yacht (1 in Service)
INSMhadei[10][11] India
Torpedo Recovery Vessels (2 in Service)
INS Astravahini(A71)
INS ??? (A72)
Miscellaneous (6 in Service)
Water CarrierINS ???
INS ???
Hospital ShipINSLakshadweep
Diving TenderINS ???
INS ???
INS ???
Harbour Tug (18 in Service)
BhimINS Bhim08 Mar 2004
INS Balshil23 Aug 2004
INS ???2004
INS ???2004
INS Ajral17 Dec 2004
unknownINS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
INS ???
Ocean Tug (2 in Service)
INS Gaj10 Oct 2002
INS Matanga(A53)02 Apr 1983
Diving Support Ship (1 in Service)
INS Nireekshak(A15)08 Jun 1989

[edit]Ships under construction (36 ships being built)

ClassShips in classOriginBuilderImage
Nuclear Submarines (3 under construction)
ArihantINS Arihant INS ??? INS ??? IndiaShipbuilding Center, Vishakapatnam
Conceptual drawing of the Arihant class nuclear submarine
Aircraft carriers (2 under construction)
Vikrant (Project 71) [12]INS Vikrant[13] IndiaCochin Shipyard
An artist's impression of a Vikrant class carrier
KievINS Vikramaditya formerly Gorshkov RussiaSeverodvinsk, Russia[14]
An artist's impression of a Vikramaditya class carrier
Destroyers (3 under construction)
Kolkata (Project 15A)INS Kolkata INS Kochi INS Chennai IndiaMazagon Dock
Kolkata Class Destroyers under construction at Mazagon Docks Ltd, Mumbai.
Frigates (5 under construction)
Shivalik INS Satpura INS Sahyadri IndiaMazagon Dock
INS Sahyadri while under construction.
TalwarINS Teg (Sea trials) INS Tarkash (Sea trials)[15] INS Trikand [16] RussiaYantar Shipyard
INS Tabar, Teg class will have Brahmos missiles onboard.
Corvettes (4 under construction)
KamortaINS Kamorta Yard 3018 Yard 3019 Yard 3020 IndiaGRSE
Submarines (6 under construction)
Scorpene6 under construction under Project 75 FranceMazagon Dock
Mine sweepers (2)
Osprey class2 to be acquired United States
Mine countermeasure vessels (2 under construction)
MCMV2 under construction India
Patrol crafts (8 under construction)
Saryu[17][18][19]INS Saryu INS Sunayna INS ??? INS Sumitra IndiaGoa Shipyard Limited
Car NicobarINS Kabra INS Koswari INS Karuva IndiaGRSE
Replenishment Ship (1 under construction)
Deepak class[20][21]INS Shakti[22] ItalyFincantieri
Training Ship (1 under construction)
SudarshiniINS Sudarshini[23] IndiaGoa Shipyard Limited

[edit]Planned ships and submarines (Total ~94)

ClassNumbers plannedOriginBuilderStatusImage
Aircraft carriers
Second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (Project 71)[24]3 IndiaCochin ShipyardExpected Commission in 2017
Destroyers (3 under construction)
Project 15B [25]4 approved by CCS IndiaMazagon DockWork to begin after completion of on Project 15A ships
Project 17A class frigate7 IndiaMazagon Dock/GRSEOrder placed
Kamorta8 IndiaGRSE8 project 28A on order
Nuclear Submarines
Akula1 RussiaNot confirmed
Akula class submarine
SSBN3 IndiaShipbuilding Centre (SBC), VishakapatnamFollow on to the Arihant class[26]
SSN9[27] IndiaShipbuilding Centre (SBC), VishakapatnamEscort to the SSBN's
Submarines (9)
Scorpene3 under Project 75 after the first 6 are completed FranceMazagon DockExpected commission in 2015
Project 75I[28][29]6RFP Released
Indigenous submarine[30]12 IndiaPlanned
Midget submarines5 IndiaRFI issued[31]
Mine countermeasure vessels
Amphibious warfare
Landing platform dock4[32]Approved by CCS
Landing ship tanks[33]14
Patrol crafts
Offshore Patrol Vessels5 IndiaPipavav ShipyardOrder Placed[34]
Survey vessels
Survey vessel[35]6 ordered IndiaAlcock Ashdown (Gujarat ) Limited
Training Ship
Sail Training ship[36]1 ordered IndiaGRSE