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DTN News - RUSSIA DEFENSE NEWS: Russian Military To Receive 2nd Batch of Pantsir-S Systems

DTN News - RUSSIA DEFENSE NEWS: Russian Military To Receive 2nd Batch of Pantsir-S Systems
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources Ria Novosti
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - September 20, 2012: Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces will receive the second batch of Pantsir-S air defense systems by November this year, the Defense Ministry said.

Pantsir-S is a short-to-medium range combined surface-to-air missile and antiaircraft artillery system designed to protect point and area targets. The Russian military took delivery of the first batch (more than 10 units) in 2011.
“The second delivery is expected in September-October this year,” a Defense Ministry spokesman told reporters on Tuesday.
“The main purpose of this system is to protect S-400 Triumf air defense systems at their deployment sites from enemy air and missile strikes,” the official said.
Commenting on recent media reports that the military refused to accept the Pantsir-S for service with the Ground Forces, the spokesman said that the work on variants for Ground Forces and the Navy is still under way.
“As soon as this work is done, the system's prototype will undergo field tests," he said, adding that the Pantsir-S version for aerospace defense units fully meets performance requirements for this type of weaponry.
The Defense Ministry has so far ordered 100 Pantsir-S units for Aerospace Defense Forces, which are expected to be delivered in the next few years.
The export version of the system, Pantsir-S1, has been sold to the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Algeria.
Russia will showcase Pantsir-S1 at the Africa Aerospace and Defense arms show in South Africa on September 19-23.

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A Pantsir-S1 unit of the Syrian Armed Forces reportedly scored the first combat kill of the type by downing a Turkish Air Force RF-4E carrying out a reconnaissance flight over the Syrian coast near Latakia on 22 June 2012.[8]

  •  Algeria: An estimated 38 on order; signed March 2006 as part of an arms package worth about US$ 8 billion[10]. Whereas Moscow Timesreported in February 2006 that Algeria had ordered TunguskasRIA Novosti later reported in March 2007 that Algeria had ordered Pantsir-S1 instead

  •  Iran: 10 units are in use from 2008. 
  •  Jordan: According to what Jane's Defence Weekly reported in 2007 a complete Russian Pantsir-S1 short-range air-defence system was being field tested in Jordan and that the kingdom is set to place an order. Army-Technology reported that Jordan placed an order for an undisclosed number of systems. Russia Today reported Jordan as being a customer for Pantsir-S1, and that they were likely to purchase between 50-75 combat vehicles.
  •  Syria: 36 to 50 on order; signed 2006 as part of arms package worth about US$ 1 billion; deliveries began in August 2007; Jane's Defence Weekly reported in May 2007 that 50 systems are on order by Damascus and that at least ten of those Pantsirs would be handed over to Iran by the end of 2008. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, Iran is reported to be the main sponsor of the deal and is paying Syria for its services as intermediary. Deliveries to Iran are categorically denied by a range of top Russian officials including First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

  •  United Arab Emirates: 50 on order; Launch customer of Pantsir-S1. Ordered in May 2000, half of them tracked, the other half wheeled. Due to deliver in three batches by the end of 2005 - 12 in 2003, 24 in 2004 and 14 in 2005. Prices given where US$ 734 million ( including a US$100 million pay in advance to complete R&D ), with the price per single unit being about US$ 15 million. Delivery postponed after new design decisions were taken and UAE is said to have paid additional US$ 66 Million to cover major improvements. All 50 systems will now be wheeled on MAN SX 45 8x8 trucks from Germany, as well as the support vehicles. Delivery of the prototype occurred in 2007. With that the MAN SX45 is the only "western" vehicle that can accommodate the S1 system and has a worldwide logistics and support network through their importer network. Delivery of the 50 systems ordered in 2000 began in 2007 with the first two serially produced systems. British Jane's Defence Weekly reported on October 30.; delays in further deliveries. Based on test-firing data, some further optimisation of the systems is required. Deliveries will take place over the next three years under an amended schedule. As reported by Kommersant in June 2006 UAE has expressed interest in acquiring an additional 28 systems[24] and has likely signed an option for the delivery in 2009–2010.
  • Unidentified(?): RIA Novosti quoted Kommersant in March 2007 that KBP has obligations to deliver to an "unidentified country". The official order backlog of KBP of US$ 2,6 bn for Pantsir-S1 systems per July 2007 compared to the system prices given by the launch order suggests that there are probably unidentified customers for about 50 or so Pantsir-S1 systems.

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DTN News: Pakistan Top Stories/ Headlines News Dated September 20, 2012

DTN News: Pakistan Top Stories/ Headlines News Dated September 20, 2012
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources Dawn - Pakistan, Telegraph U.K., Google News & DTN News Images
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - September 20, 2012: Comprehensive daily news related to Pakistan - Latest Headlines Newsfor the world of TODAY.
*Comprehensive daily news related to Pakistan - Latest Headlines News for the world of TODAY

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