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DTN News: Bill Clinton Greeted Warmly In N. Korea on Mission To Free 2 Journalists

DTN News: Bill Clinton Greeted Warmly In N. Korea on Mission To Free 2 Journalists
*Source: DTN News / AP
(NSI News Source Info) SEOUL, South Korea - August 4, 2009: North Korea welcomed former President Bill Clinton to Pyongyang with flowers and hearty handshakes Tuesday as he arrived in the communist nation on a surprise mission to bring home two jailed American journalists.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton arrives at Sunan airport in Pyongyang August 4, 2009. Clinton made a surprise visit to North Korea on Tuesday to try to win the release of two jailed U.S. journalists, a move some analysts said could mark the isolated state's return to dialogue over nuclear weapons.
Clinton landed in the North Korean capital in an unmarked jet. On arrival he shook hands with Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Kwan and the deputy speaker of parliament.
Footage from television news agency APTN showed Clinton bowing and smiling as a young girl presented him with flowers.

DTN News: Begum Khaleda Zia's Son Arafat Rahman Koko Challenges Trial In Corruption Case

DTN News: Begum Khaleda Zia's Son Arafat Rahman Koko Challenges Trial In Corruption Case *Source: DTN News / Int'l Media (NSI News Source Info) BANGKOK, Thailand - August 4, 2009: Bangladesh opposition leader Khaleda Zia's younger son Arafat Rahman Koko has challenged his trial for alleged corruption in two deals, one with German telecom major Siemens and the other with a Chinese firm. From his sick bed in Bangkok, Koko filed a writ petition in the high court challenging the legality of the proceedings of the case against him. The Anti-Corruption Commission March 17 filed the case against Koko, charging him with illegally transferring 2,884,603.15 Singaporean dollars and $932,672.81 to three accounts in Singapore banks. His lawyer argued that the alleged offences took place between 2001 and 2006, when Khaleda Zia was in power, but the case was filed against Koko under the Money Laundering Act 2009 that was enacted this year. No one can be tried for offences under a law that was enacted after the alleged offences took place, the petition said. Proceeding against Koko under the money laundering act was illegal as per provision of the constitution, since Koko has not been shown arrested in this case, The Daily Star said. Zia's elder politician son Tarique Rahman has also been charged with corruption. Both brothers were jailed for long and were granted bail on medical grounds. Tarique is currently in London receiving treatment.Zia was also detained in 2007-08. She lost the December 2008 polls badly and is now leader of the opposition.

DTN News: Hacker Training Has Become An Industry In China

DTN News: Hacker Training Has Become An Industry In China
*Source: DTN News / Int'l Media
(NSI News Source Info) BEIJING, China - August 4, 2009: In the last year, China has suffered a loss of a billion dollars because of hackers, and what has left authorities in Beijing very worried is a report that the training of hackers has become an industry, and generated an estimated income of 238 million Yuan in the same period.
According to a China Daily report, hackers have stolen people's bank account numbers and passwords and damaged the Internet users' computers and servers.
The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technique Team/Coordination of China warns that a large numbers of hacker schools have been set up-mostly online-around China. (The exact number remains unknown.)
"Lots of hacker schools only teach students how to hack into unprotected computers and steal personal information. They then make a profit by selling users' information," said Wang Xianbing, a security consultant for hackerbase.com. For investing hundreds of yuan in hacker school, students could obtain the skills to make a fortune, Wang said.
"Hacker school is a bit like driving school - they teach you how to drive but it's up to you if you are going to drive safely or kill someone," said Wang.
"Instructing people on how to hack into other people's computers to make profit is clearly a crime," said Li Xuxi, a lawyer from Beijing Zi Guang law firm.
Such hacker schools should be closed and those responsible, should be punished, said Li.

DTN News: China Cracks Down On Organized Terror Outfits In Xijiang

DTN News: China Cracks Down On Organized Terror Outfits In Xijiang
*Source: DTN News / Int'l Media (NSI News Source Info) BEIJING, China - August 4, 2009: Police forces and state security agencies had prevented five organized terrorist attacks on civilians in China's far west Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China's anti-terrorism sources said Monday.
Armed Chinese paramilitary policemen in riot gear march out of their barracks before the start of Friday's Muslim prayers near the Dong Kuruk Bridge mosque in the city of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region July 17, 2009. Security remains heavy in ethnic Uighur neighbourhoods of Xinjiang regional capital Urumqi after riots on July 5 between the Muslim Uighur minority and majority Han Chinese wounded more than 1,600. The official Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday that 192 people were killed in the riots, and that around 1,000 people have been detained.
Police forces and state security authorities had successively crushed five organized terrorist plots in Urumqi, Kashgar, Aksu and Ili in Xinjiang.
Separatist "East Turkestan" terrorists both at home and abroad had been plotting attacks gainst civilians since the July 5 riot that left 197 dead and more than 1,600 injured in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang.
The recent attempted attacks would have "damaged social stability and ethnic unity", the Xinhua news agency quoted the sources, as saying.
Anti-terrorism agencies had captured "a group of suspects involved in the terrorist activities" but the number of people arrested was not given.
Also confiscated were "guns, controlled knifes, explosives and materials advocating violence and terrorism." Further details were kept under wraps.

DTN News: European Nations Save Eurofighter Program

DTN News: European Nations Save Eurofighter Program *Source: DTN News / UPI
(NSI News Source Info) MUNICH, Germany - August 4, 2009: European nations have signed a $13 billion contract for some 112 Eurofighter Typhoon combat jets. Ministers from Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain and representatives from a consortium of defense companies signed the deal on Friday. It represents a much-needed financial shot in the arm for a program troubled by rising construction costs and the economic crisis, which has tightened European defense budgets. The contract is good news for the planes' manufacturers, the German-Spanish European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co., Britain's BAE Systems and Italy's Finmeccanica. It also includes a $2 billion jet engine order from a consortium made up of Britain's Rolls-Royce and MTU Aero Engines from Germany. Britain had reportedly threatened to bail out of the Eurofighter program but was ultimately convinced by the European partners to stay on board. Politicians across Europe hailed the deal. The German Defense Ministry said in a statement that the order secures thousands of highly qualified jobs in the European aviation industry until at least 2015 and improves export chances for the combat jet. "This is excellent news for both our armed forces and UK industry," Quentin Davies, British minister for defense equipment, was quoted by the BBC as saying. Because of its tight budget and a revision of its military planned for 2010, it's unlikely, however, that Britain will buy additional Eurofighters anytime soon. With the latest deal, the number of Eurofighter Typhoons in service and on order rises to 559. While critics argue the plane has been designed for Cold War-like conflicts and is now obsolete, major countries in Asia and the Middle East are still stocking up on fighter jets: Recently, Saudi Arabia bought 72 Eurofighters from Britain. And EADS, the driving force behind the program, is hoping that India will choose the Eurofighter for its planned $11 billion acquisition of 126 combat jets. Other planes placed in the bidding race are Boeing's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Lockheed Martin's F-16 Fighting Falcon, the French-made Dassault Rafale, SAAB Gripen from Sweden and the Russian-produced Mikoyan MiG-35. The Business Standard reports that EADS will try to convince India to join a manufacturing partnership in the Eurofighter program, a rare expertise and job-sharing offer. "If India becomes the fifth Eurofighter partner, it will manufacture complete assemblies -- say, as a random example, the front fuselage and tail fins -- for every new Eurofighter across the world," the Business Standard writes. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine canard-delta wing multirole aircraft, designed and built by a consortium formed in 1986. The maiden flight of the Eurofighter prototype took place in March 1994.

DTN News: Uzbekistan Condemns Russian Plans To Boost Troops In Kyrgyzstan, Where US Also Has Base

DTN News: Uzbekistan Condemns Russian Plans To Boost Troops In Kyrgyzstan, Where US Also Has Base
*Source: DTN News / Int'l Media (NSI News Source Info) ALMATY, Kazakhstan - August 4, 2009: Uzbekistan has sharply criticized Russia's plan to boost its military presence in neighboring Kyrgyzstan, signaling a growing rift within a Moscow-dominated security alliance of ex-Soviet nations. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, left, and his Kyrgyz counterpart Kurmanbek Bakiyev, sign the copies of a joint memorandum on Russia's troops deployment in Kyrgyzstan during their meeting the resort town of Cholpon-Ata on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009. Russia clinched a tentative deal Saturday allowing it to establish a second military base in Kyrgyzstan, where the United States also has an important air base. Under the terms of a joint memorandum, Russia could significantly boost the number of troops it has deployed in the Central Asian nation for a period of up to 49 years. The Uzbek Foreign Ministry said in a statement late Monday that an increase in Russian troop numbers across its border could foment instability across Central Asia, a vast region located north of war-torn Afghanistan. Uzbekistan, which views itself as Central Asia's main military power broker, has traditionally been wary of Russia's efforts to dominate security in the region. Russia clinched a tentative agreement Saturday allowing it to open a second base and significantly boost the number of troops it has deployed in Kyrgyzstan, where the United States also has an important air base helping support operations in nearby Afghanistan. No specifics on the location of the base or the size of the deployment have been given, but it is expected that most of the troops will be stationed in Kyrgyzstan's south. That is on the fringe of the Ferghana Valley region that spreads across Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and served as an incubator of Muslim militancy over the past decade. The Uzbek Foreign Ministry said the deployment of Russian troops in the area "may lead to the strengthening of militarization and provoke various kinds of nationalist struggles." "It could also cause the appearance of radical extremist forces, which could lead to serious destabilization across this vast region," it said. All three countries in the region have seen a reported resurgence in militant activity in recent months. Uzbekistan has also resisted Russian efforts to form a NATO-style rapid-reaction force under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization — which also includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

DTN News: Australia Foils Terror Plot For Suicide Attack On Army Base, Arrests 4 Somali-Linked Suspects

DTN News: Australia Foils Terror Plot For Suicide Attack On Army Base, Arrests 4 Somali-Linked Suspects *Source: DTN News / Int'l News (NSI News Source Info) MELBOURNE, Australia - August 4, 2009: Police in Australia foiled a terrorist plot for commando-style suicide attacks on at least one army base, arresting four men Tuesday with suspected links to a Somali Islamist group, senior officers said. Australian police officers are seen at a house in the suburb of Glenroy in Melbourne, which was raided in connection to planned terror attacks August 4, 2009. Australian police have arrested several people in the southern city of Melbourne on suspicion of planning to carry out a terror attack, police said in a statement on Tuesday. "Police believe members of a Melbourne-based group have been undertaking planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia and allegedly involved in hostilities in Somalia," the statement said. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the plot was a "sober reminder" that Australia is still under threat from extremist groups enraged that the country sent troops to join the U.S.-led military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some 400 officers from state and national security services took part in 19 pre-dawn raids on properties in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, police said. Four men, all Australian citizens of Somali or Lebanese descent and aged between 22 and 26, were arrested, and several others were being questioned Tuesday, police said. Australian Federal Police Acting Commissioner Tony Negus said the raids followed a seven-month surveillance operation of a group of people with alleged ties to al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida-linked Somali extremist organization that has been fighting to overthrow Somalia's transitional government. "Police will allege that the men were planning to carry out a suicide terrorist attack on a defense establishment within Australia involving an armed assault with automatic weapons," Negus told reporters. "Details of the planning indicated the alleged offenders were prepared to inflict a sustained attack on military personnel until they themselves were killed." Holsworthy Barracks on the outskirts of Sydney was one of the group's potential targets, and surveillance had been carried out at other bases, he said, declining to identify them. Negus said the investigation also found that some Australian citizens had traveled to Somalia "to participate in hostilities" there, and that the group was seeking a fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling, approving their plans for the Australian attack. Negus did not say whose approval was being sought.

DTN News: Cracks In Iranian Leadership Showing

DTN News: Cracks In Iranian Leadership Showing *Reform Movement Aims to Weaken an Already Nervous and Divided Regime in Wake of Disputed Election
*Source: DTN News / CBS By Elizabeth Palmer (NSI News Source Info) NEW YORK, USA - August 4, 2009: (CBS) Hoping to lift the curtain on a new political chapter, Iran's supreme leader today endorsed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's second presidential term - but cracks in the leadership are showing, reports CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kisses Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after receiving a certificate declaring him as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Khamenei in Tehran August 3, 2009. Iran's supreme leader formally approved the second term presidency of Ahmadinejad on Monday after a disputed election that leading reformists say was rigged to ensure the incumbent's victory.
Several prominent clergy boycotted the ceremony and the supreme leader avoided Ahmadinejad's move to kiss his hand, as is customary - leading to an awkward peck on the shoulder instead.
Over the weekend the regime staged another unconvincing show - a mass trial of about 100 prominent reformists, arrested after the disputed election in June - including Mohammed Ali Abtahi, a cleric and former vice president whom CBS News first spoke to in 2005 about his liberal blogging.
On Saturday, Abtahi appeared gaunt and agitated after six weeks in jail. He's just one of thousands arrested during post-election riots and protests - including students, lawyers and peaceful demonstrators.
Human rights groups agree more than 300 remain in detention. At least 30 are dead - like 19-year-old student protestor Sohrab Aarabi. The fate of an American scholar Kian Tajbaksh - and many others - remains unknown. "My heart goes out to everybody," said Princeton academic Haleh Esfandiari.
Esfandiari - who spent three months in a Tehran jail in 2007 - knows what those detained are facing. "I was alone in the cell 24 hours a day by myself - lights on all the time," Esfandiari said. "I was allowed out one or two hours a day."
But all the repression and arrests haven't crushed Iran's reform movement, which is planning more protests in the days to come - aiming to weaken an already nervous and divided regime.

DTN News: Google Woos IT Managers With Old-Tech Billboards

DTN News: Google Woos IT Managers With Old-Tech Billboards
*Source: DTN News / AFP (NSI News Source Info) SAN FRANCISCO, USA - August 4, 2009: Google on Monday resorted to old-time outdoor billboards in its quest to convince business IT managers to use software applications that the Internet titan offers as services online. Messages that will change each work day for four weeks debuted on billboards along major commute routes in Boston, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco, according to Google Creative Lab managing director Andy Berndt. "The billboards tell the story of an anonymous IT manager who gets so fed up with the typical IT status quo that his company eventually, you guessed it, goes Google," Berndt wrote in a message on the California firm's website. Motorola and Genentech are reportedly among more than 1.75 million businesses, schools and organizations that use Google Apps programs online instead of installing and maintaining software on their networks. The Google Apps suite includes calendar, document and email programs that compete with packaged offerings at the heart of Microsoft's software empire. Google charges businesses 50 dollars per worker per year to use programs it offers online, referred to as "in the cloud." Google Apps are offered free to individuals for personal use. The Internet giant recently declared its Apps suite out of test, or beta, status in a bid to assure businesses that they can rely on the services.

DTN News: EADS Defence & Security (DS) Wins The Contract To Expand Asia's Largest TETRA Network

DTN News: EADS Defence & Security (DS) Wins The Contract To Expand Asia's Largest TETRA Network *Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network to be further extended *Proven network helped to secure Beijing Games in 2008 *Helps to secure the 60th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China on October 1st, 2009
*Source: DTN News / EADS (NSI News Source Info) BEIJING, China - August 4, 2009: EADS Defence & Security and Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd have signed the contract on the Phase-4 JustTop project for the Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network. Mr Su Zhenze, President of JustTop, and François Begaud, Head of Secure Networks APAC, were present at the signing ceremony.
According to the contract, EADS Defence & Security will deliver one TETRA DXTip, several TETRA third-generation base stations (TB3), and network upgrade services. Deliveries began in July 2009, and the system will be put into operation by August 2009. The expanded system will enhance network capacity and coverage ability. It is fully equipped to provide safe and reliable communications for the Beijing Government and Municipal Committee, the Public Security Bureau, traffic police, armed police, urban management, and other important organisations in Beijing during the People’s Republic of China 60th Anniversary Celebration on October 1st.
JustTop, Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network is the largest TETRA network in Asia and the largest city wide TETRA network in the world. It provides seamless and secured radio communications for the city of Beijing and environs. Presently, the network is used exclusively by the Beijing Urban Management and the Public Emergency Command and Dispatch Centre. The network has improved the efficiency of command and communications for government organisations and has repeatedly ensured city-wide communication of important events in the city, playing a critical role in major events in Beijing.
During the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, the Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network experienced a high volume of users, high user density, high traffic load, high network tolerance, and trouble-free operation – unprecedented in the history of the Olympics. The system was also able to handle a very high volume of calls. The network received exceptional praise from the Beijing Government and Municipal Committee, BOCOG, and the Public Security Bureau, for providing secure and excellent communications during the high profile 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
The Phase-4 project expansion plan for the network will further enhance the network capacity and coverage in the city and improve the coverage for the suburbs, flatlands, counties, main roads leading out from Beijing, key tourist resorts, and other important regions. The plan will also provide superior network services for Beijing government users to serve the network needs for important large scale events, such as the upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration of the People’s Republic of China.Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network is supervised and planned by Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission, built and operated by Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd, while EADS Defence & Security provides the network and radio terminals, network deployment, and support services. Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd is a telecom service operator, specializes in digital trunking wireless communication services, and focuses on Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network. For additional information, please visit www.justtop.com. Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd http://www.justtop.com/ About EADS Defence & Security EADS Defence & Security is a world leading provider of mission-critical communication and Command & Control solutions through its line of business Security and Communication Solutions. DS is a systems solutions provider for armed forces and civil security worldwide. Its portfolio ranges from sensors and secure networks through missiles to aircraft and UAVs as well as global security, service and support solutions. In 2008, DS – with around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.7 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2008, EADS generated revenues of € 43.3 billion and employed a workforce of about 118,000. For additional information, please visit www.eads.com

DTN News: General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems Fields Light Strike Vehicle

DTN News: General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems Fields Light Strike Vehicle
*Source: DTN News / General Dynamics
(NSI News Source Info) ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - August 4, 2009: – General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), announced yesterday August 3, that it has successfully fielded the Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV), also known as the Light Strike Vehicle (LSV).
These vehicles were fielded to the U.S. Marine Corps’ 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment in preparation for its deployment with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).
The LSV, specifically designed to fly internally in the MV-22 and CV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft and the CH-53 and MH-47 aircraft, are used in a variety of operations such as reconnaissance, raids, Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP) and airfield seizures in support of Over-the-Horizon amphibious operations, Irregular Warfare and Enhanced Company Operations (ECO).
The LSV provides the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Commander with a vertically transportable, high mobility, weapons-capable platform. It can carry enough fuel, water, ammunition, and food for a 3-day mission, while safely transporting a crew of four. The LSV can be equipped with an M2 .50-cal., MK-19 or MK-240G machine gun, further enhancing the unit’s mission performance and survivability.
The fielding of the LSV to 1st Battalion, 9th Marines follows the recent Initial Operational Capability of the Expeditionary Fire Support System (EFSS) on March 17 with Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines, who are planned to deploy with the 24th MEU.
As the third leg of the USMC’s triad of land-based fire support for expeditionary operations, EFSS is the primary close-in fire support system for vertical element of the Ship-to-Objective Maneuver (STOM) force, providing expanded fires support to amphibious and expeditionary operations. The system is comprised of a pair of Prime Mover vehicles, the 120mm M327 rifled mortar weapon, a new family of 120mm insensitive munition (IM) rifled ammunition and ammunition trailer. Marines can emplace, fire and displace the EFSS in under five minutes.
“The LSV and EFSS give the Marines greater agility and versatility in supporting expeditionary operations,” said Dr. Dean Bartles, vice president and general manager of large-caliber ammunition for General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. “Both systems are fast and reliable, giving the Marines more options and greater survivability in the field.”
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is committed to producing high-quality products and services through the use of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles in support of continuous improvement throughout its business and manufacturing processes. The company is a world leader in the manufacture of large-, medium- and small-caliber direct and indirect-fire munitions, shaped charge warheads and BALL POWDER® Propellant. It also manufactures precision metal components; and provides load, assemble and pack services for tactical missile and rocket programs. More information on General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical is available online at http://www.gd-ots.com/.
General Dynamics, headquartered in Falls Church, Va., employs approximately 92,000 people worldwide. The company is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and information systems and technologies. More information about General Dynamics is available online at http://www.gd.com/

DTN News: Lockheed Martin Delivers First C-5M Super Galaxy

DTN News: Lockheed Martin Delivers First C-5M Super Galaxy *Source: DTN News / Lockheed Martin (NSI News Source Info) MARIETTA, Ga., - August 4, 2009: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] yesterday August 3, delivered the first fully modernized C-5M Super Galaxy to the U.S. Air Force at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins AFB, Ga.The newly modernized Lockheed Martin C-5M Super Galaxy took to the skies for the first time at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins AFB, Ga. This modernized C-5M safeguards the U. S government's capability to move massive amounts of cargo as the workhorse for the U.S. Air Force global reach mission and ensures the most cost effective, viable strategic airlift resource for America through the year 2040. The aircraft is the first of three developmental test C-5M aircraft to be delivered, with the other two to be delivered to Dover AFB, Del., in February 2009. All three aircraft successfully completed developmental testing in August 2008. Current Air Force plans call for Lockheed Martin to deliver 52 modernized C-5Ms. “The C-5 fleet is now beginning to realize its full operational potential as we begin fielding both Avionics Modernization Program and Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program enhanced C-5s for the Air Force,” said Lorraine Martin, vice president of the C-5 Program at Lockheed Martin. “The combined U.S. Air Force and Lockheed Martin team can take great pride in its success, which is keeping this national strategic airlift asset viable for decades to come.” The C-5M Super Galaxy is the product of a two-phase modernization effort. The Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) provides a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and a digital backbone to support the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP) modifications. Forty-six C-5 aircraft have completed the AMP modifications. The aircraft already returned to the fleet have logged more than 45,000 hours with the new systems, including many hours flown in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. RERP is the second phase of the modernization effort, which adds new GE CF6-80C2 commercial engines (military designation F138-GE-100) and 70 other enhancements or replacements of major components and subsystems. The additional 10,000 lbs of thrust per propulsion system creates 40,000 lbs of additional thrust across the platform, significantly improving operational performance. This comprehensive modernization program improves the fleet mission-capable rate (aircraft availability) and the overall reliability and maintainability of the aircraft while reducing total ownership costs. C-5 modernization is expected to pay for itself with operational savings. The C-5 has been the backbone of strategic airlift in every engagement since it entered service. It is the only aircraft capable of carrying 100 percent of certified air-transportable cargo, with a dedicated passenger compartment enabling commanders to have troops and their equipment arrive in an area of operation simultaneously. The C-5 can carry twice the cargo of other strategic airlift systems. With more than 70 percent of its structural service life remaining, Lockheed Martin is committed to sustaining the C-5 fleet throughout its lifecycle. The C-5M Super Galaxy will continue to be a force enabler through 2040. Lockheed Martin is a major supplier of logistics systems and lifetime support and performance-based logistics services to military and civil government customers. The corporation provides solutions for platform maintenance, modifications and repair, material readiness and distribution, and global supply chain command and control. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global security company that employs about 140,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The corporation reported 2007 sales of $41.9 billion. Media Contacts: Alison Orne Office: 770-494-9819 Mobile: 678-662-3106 E-mail: alison.orne@lmco.com Sam Grizzle Office: 703-413-5775 Mobile: 678-662-9162 E-mail: sam.c.grizzle@lmco.com

DTN News: Lockheed Martin Canada Opens New Maritime Training And Test Site For Halifax Frigate Modernization

DTN News: Lockheed Martin Canada Opens New Maritime Training And Test Site For Halifax Frigate Modernization
*Source: DTN News / Lockheed Martin
(NSI News Source Info) OTTAWA, Canada - August 4, 2009: With more than 200 federal, provincial, municipal, and business leaders in attendance, Lockheed Martin Canada on July 31, officially opened its new Maritime Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS) in the Highfield Industrial Park in Dartmouth, NS. MATTS will support the company’s role as prime contractor for the Combat Systems Integration (CSI) modernization of the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates. In April, Lockheed Martin announced that it was expanding its Nova Scotia operation, adding 100 new jobs over five years. The Province of Nova Scotia, through Nova Scotia Business Inc., is supporting this growth with a $1.8 million payroll rebate. As the new permanent home of Lockheed Martin Canada’s Atlantic Operations, the MATTS facility also will allow the company to continue to build on its 25-year legacy as the Navy’s combat systems integrator. “Lockheed Martin offers the types of career opportunities that students, skilled graduates, and expatriates are demanding,” said Premier Darrell Dexter. “Through NSBI, the province is maximizing the opportunity for Nova Scotians to participate in a long-term, multi-billion-dollar Canadian program with a top defence contractor. This amounts to a generation of work in our province. This is exactly the kind of thing we want to support in Nova Scotia.” The CSI contract, awarded to Lockheed Martin Canada in 2008, will provide a new command and control system, radars, tactical data links, electronic support measures and other warfare capabilities for the 12 Halifax-class frigates. The 100,000 square-foot MATTS facility will host critical training systems, simulation and testing labs and a new Technology Collaboration Centre that will provide a near-at-sea environment for Canadian businesses to test and develop solutions to meet the needs of the Canadian Navy. The facility will host land-based testing and simulation of the frigate’s new combat systems prior to installation on each vessel. Additionally, training systems similar to those currently housed at the Canadian Forces base in Stadacona will be installed at the MATTS facility to reflect the new combat system. "The establishment by Lockheed Martin of the MATTS facility in Dartmouth, close to where our sailors are trained for the Halifax-class, represents a significant capability and efficiency for the Canadian Navy,” said Captain Richard Gravel, deputy project manager for the Halifax-Class Modernization/Frigate Life Extension project. “It is a plus for the navy to have this multi-faceted facility that, beyond training, will also provide for software development, system integration and performance proving with close to at-sea performance. To be able to test systems through actual system operation by leveraging on this location gives us great advantage as we refit the Halifax-Class. This facility once again places Canada’s frigates, and their support, at world-class." “The opening of this building is not only a critical milestone for the successful, on-time delivery of a modernized Halifax-class frigate, it also establishes a world-class training and simulation facility for the Canadian Navy,” said Tom Digan, Lockheed Martin Canada’s president and general manager. Lockheed Martin Canada has about 600 employees at facilities in Kanata (head office), Montreal, Halifax, Victoria, Esquimalt, Dartmouth, Valcartier, Petawawa and Wainright in order to provide direct support to its customers. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global security company that employs about 146,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The corporation reported 2008 sales of $42.7 billion. Contact: Michael Barton,
(613) 862-6686 (cell) or (613) 599-3270 x3892
For additional information on Lockheed Martin Corporation, visit: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/

DTN News: China Urges Nationals In Turkey To Be Vigilant

DTN News: China Urges Nationals In Turkey To Be Vigilant *Source: DTN News / Int'l Media (NSI News Source Info) BEIJING, China - August 4, 2009: China's foreign ministry has urged its nationals in Turkey to take extra care, citing unspecified threats to their security. "Recently some people and groups have received threats against their security in Turkey," the foreign ministry said in a statement posted on its website over the weekend. China's foreign ministry statement urged Chinese in Turkey to pay constant attention to the conditions around them and try not to go out too much. "The foreign ministry's department of consular affairs urges Chinese nationals and groups in Turkey to strengthen security precautions and pay attention to how safe the situation is." China's relations with Turkey have been strained after unrest on July 5 in the northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang involving Turkic-speaking Muslim Uighurs that left at least 197 people dead. In reaction to the unrest, Turkey's Trade Minister Nihat Ergun last month called on consumers not to buy goods from China. Also in July, around 10,000 people attended a gathering in Istanbul organised by the Islamic Saadet party, angered by what they saw as Chinese mistreatment of the Uighurs. The foreign ministry statement urged Chinese in Turkey to pay constant attention to the conditions around them and try not to go out too much. "They should avoid crowds and sensitive areas to the greatest extent possible, and take necessary emergency precautions whether they stay at home or go out," it said. The statement did not describe the threats that have allegedly been levelled against Chinese in Turkey. A foreign ministry official contacted by AFP Monday declined immediate comment. China issued a security alert in mid-July to its citizens in Algeria after Al-Qaeda reportedly vowed to avenge the deaths of Muslims killed during the ethnic unrest.

DTN News: India ~ Student Attacks In Australia Won't Harm Relations Said External Affairs Minister Shashi Tharoor

DTN News: India ~ Student Attacks In Australia Won't Harm Relations Said External Affairs Minister Shashi Tharoor
*Source: DTN News / Int'l Media
(NSI News Source Info) SYDNEY, Australia - August 4, 2009: India stressed on Monday it would not allow attacks on its students in Australia to sour relations between the countries, but also said there was no clear evidence that the problem had been resolved. India ~ Student Attacks In Australia Won't Harm Relations Said External Affairs Minister Shashi Tharoor. The issue of assaults on students in Australia's major cities had generated "critical mass" within India, External Affairs Minister Shashi Tharoor said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald published Monday. While sections of the Indian media have lambasted Australia as a racist society, Tharoor said he was confident the relationship between the two Commonwealth nations would not suffer lasting damage. "We believe we are on the same side on many issues," he said. "We are both constitutional democracies with a free press and a taste for cricket. Why on earth should we let anything come between us?" Tharoor praised Australian efforts to end the violence but said he could not say with certainty that Indians were no longer being singled out for assault in Australia. "There is only one meaningful yardstick, and that is that if these attacks cease, or become so infrequent that no one, neither students nor the press, can claim that there is a continuing pattern of anti-Indian violence," he said. "It's not yet clear that we have reached that point, but I hope we are getting there." Some 95,000 Indians are studying in Australia after a university publicity blitz targeting the huge South Asian country's growing middle class. However, a series of attacks in Sydney and Melbourne boiled over into street protests last month amid accusations from students that police were not doing enough to halt racist violence. Australian authorities have played down any racial aspect to the attacks, saying the jobs that Indian students take on to support their education mean they are often in dangerous areas or on public transport late at night. Tharoor said interest within India about the attacks was so strong that efforts to "cool down" the issue were undermined every time an attack occurred and the Indian media launched renewed coverage. Revelations about scams in Australia's international education sector have added to the country's bad press in India, with education bodies reporting a recent slump in interest from the sub-continent.

DTN News: Malaysia Court Charges 29 Over Mass Protest

DTN News: Malaysia Court Charges 29 Over Mass Protest *Source: DTN News / AFP (NSI News Source Info) KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - August 4, 2009: A Malaysian court on Monday charged 29 people, including a teenage boy, for taking part in a massive weekend protest against internal security laws that saw 589 people arrested. Demonstrators march near Merdeka Square (Independence Square) in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia court charges 29 over mass protest. In the biggest demonstration in Malaysia for nearly two years, police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse thousands of people calling for the abolition of laws that allow for detention without trial. Most of those detained were released over the past two days but the 29 still in custody were charged at a Kuala Lumpur court with taking part in an illegal rally or aiding an illegal organisation. Among them were five women, including Norlaila Othman whose husband has been held under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for seven years, and a 16-year-old teenager. In Malaysia, it is illegal to hold a demonstration without a permit from police, who rarely give the green light. The 29 all pleaded not guilty and were released on bail. If convicted, they could be jailed for between one and three years, depending on which of the two charges they face. Defence lawyer Azizul Shariman Mat Yusoff denied the group that mounted the protest was an illegal organisation. "The Abolish ISA Movement is a coalition comprising 83 registered NGOs and political parties," he told the court. Prime Minister Najib Razak has denounced the protest, saying he has already promised to review the controversial legislation. But the opposition and rights groups are calling for the colonial-era ISA -- which has been used to detain government opponents as well as suspected terrorists -- to be abolished.

DTN News: Jordan Rejects American Call To Improve Ties With Jewish State

DTN News: Jordan Rejects American Call To Improve Ties With Jewish State
*Source: DTN News / Int'l Media
(NSI News Source Info) - August 4, 2009: Jordan on Monday joined Saudi Arabia in publicly rejecting US appeals to improve relations with Israel to help restart Middle East peace talks, throwing a damper on President Barack Obama's administration's push for Arab support behind new negotiations. King Abdullah II of Jordan ~ King Abdullah became king on 7 February 1999, upon the death of his father King Hussein. Hussein had recently named him Crown Prince on 24 January, replacing Hussein's brother Hassan who had served many years in the position. Since Abdullah's mother, Princess Muna al-Hussein was British by birth, the decision was not widely welcomed by the Jordanian people. After talks with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said incremental confidence-building measures that the US wants Arab states to take will not produce a resolution to the conflict. As Clinton looked on, Judeh said only a focus on the final settlement would work. "In the Middle East, there has been in the past an overinvestment, perhaps, by the parties in pursuing confidence-building measures, conflict-management techniques, including transitional arrangements, and an overemphasis on gestures, perhaps at the expense of reaching the actual end game," he said at a State Department news conference with Clinton.
"Now, in 2009, many would say it is time for Israel to reciprocate," he said. Judeh's comments marked the second time in three days that an Arab foreign minister bluntly refused US calls to improve ties with Israel with confidence-building measures such as opening trade offices, allowing academic exchanges and permitting civilian Israeli aircraft to overfly their airspace as a way of demonstrating their commitment to peace. On Friday, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal expressed similar sentiments, also at a news conference with Clinton. Unlike Jordan, though, which has signed a peace deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia does not recognize the Israel. Despite the statements, Clinton maintained that US special Mideast Peace envoy George Mitchell was making progress and praised Jordan for its playing "a strong and vital role" in the region and expressed hope that negotiations could soon resume. "We are working with the Israelis, the Palestinian Authority and Arab states to take the steps needed to make that possible," she said. "The foreign minister and I discussed this effort, and I expressed our deep appreciation for Jordan's leadership in working with other Arab states to support peace with deeds, as well as words." At the same time, she criticized Israel for its weekend eviction of two Palestinian families from the east Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah to enforce a ruling by the Supreme Court that the houses belonged to Jews and that the Arab families had been living there illegally. "I think these actions are deeply regrettable," Clinton said. "The eviction of families and demolition of homes in east Jerusalem is not in keeping with Israeli obligations and I urge the government of Israel and municipal officials to refrain from such provocative actions."