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DTN News - UKRAINE CRISIS: Defense-Technology News May 4, 2014 (Video)

DTN News - UKRAINE CRISIS:  Defense-Technology News  May 4, 2014 (Video)
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(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - May 4, 2014: Pro-Russian groups in Donetsk have been reacting angrily to the deaths in Odessa.

More than 40 people died there on Friday, most of them in a fire at the Trade Unions House, where separatist protesters had barricaded themselves following running battles with pro-Kiev activists.

Ukraine's interim PM has accused the security services of failing to stop violence in the southern city of Odessa that left more than 40 people dead.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, on his way to Odessa, told the BBC there would be a "full, comprehensive and independent investigation" into Friday's events.

Most of the victims were pro-Russian separatists who had barricaded themselves inside a building.

Mr Yatsenyuk has blamed pro-Russian groups for "provoking the unrest".

Dozens of people were arrested after the unrest. On Sunday, hundreds of pro-Russians gathered outside Odessa's main police station demanding their release, and there were reports of scuffles breaking out on the streets.

'Real war'

Some 42 people died in Odessa on Friday, most of them in the fire at the Trade Unions House, where separatist protesters had barricaded themselves in following running street battles with pro-Kiev activists.

Mr Yatsenyuk said the security service and law enforcement office had done "nothing to stop this crackdown", saying they were "inefficient and they violated the law".

The police chief of the Odessa region had been removed, he said, and the prosecutor's office had started an investigation into "every single police officer"

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