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DTN News: Middle East Top Stories / Headlines News Dated December 3, 2012

DTN News: Middle East Top Stories / Headlines News Dated December 3, 2012
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - December 3, 2012: Comprehensive daily news related to Middle East for the world of TODAY.
*Comprehensive daily news related to Middle East Top Stories / Headlines News for the world of TODAY

U.N. nuclear chief sees no progress on Iran concerns

ReutersVIENNA (Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear agency made no progress in a year-long push to find out if Iran worked on developing an atomic bomb, its chief said on Thursday, calling for urgent efforts to end Tehran's standoff with the West. Yukiya Amano said he would not give up seeking to end what Western diplomats describe as Iranian stonewalling of the agency's investigation into possible milita…

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