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DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore-Designed Warthog MRAP In Afghanistan

DTN News - DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore-Designed Warthog MRAP In Afghanistan
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - January 15, 2011: Currently in service in hot and sandy places the Warthog has been shown off in a new PR video from the MoD/BFBS

This is an earlier video.

Costing roughly £1.7 million pounds each, no, you didn’t misread that, it would seem from the first video that despite being in production for several years with ST Kinetis as the Bronco , our experience with Viking and a £20 million modification package from Thales there are still problems;

“Like anything brand new they are not without their problems though”, said the BFBS reporter

The very carefully thought through reply was..

Inevitably there are bits and pieces which we sort of err, err, which we sort of, err, managing out here in theatre, but to be honest we have not had to deal with any significant issues that we thought we might have when this vehicle has gone from inception into delivery in under two year

Two years would be pretty impressive if it was a brand new design and any teething troubles would be understandable, but it is not brand new. The ST kinetics Bronco has been in service with the Singapore armed forces since 2004 and forms the basis for the Warthog.

The Singapore-designed Warthog MRAP vehicle is on its way to Afghanistan.

Announcing the deal, the Thales press release stated

WARTHOG will come in four variants: a troop carrier; an ambulance; a command vehicle; and a repair and recovery vehicle. The ambulance variant will be capable of carrying casualties, medics and kit. WARTHOG’s repair and recovery variant will be fitted with a crane and winch, and will have the capability of towing another WARTHOG vehicle back from the front line.

WARTHOG will be powered by a 7.2-litre engine, producing 350bhp, and will be able to move through water – all while carrying up to 11 troops and offering advanced armoured protection.

Thales will install UK-specific equipment to the vehicles, including additional armour, specialist electronic counter-measure equipment and communication tools, to bring them in line with UK theatre-entry requirements.

It was reported that the original design failed blast testing and needed an extra couple of tons of armour, reducing mobility and payload. The in service date was pushed forward, beyond what was considered to be sensible but hey, there is a war on you know.

Despite failing selection for the Warthog UOR requirement, the Royal Marines subsequently ordered 24 Viking Mks 2′s, the last ones of the order for 24 being delivered in July 2009.

The Viking 24 Viking Mk2′s cost about £875k each.

We now have 2 marks of the BvS10 and one Warthog in service, not including the different variants.

At £1.7million each, which includes all variants, some logistic support and integration of additional armour/electronics etc, is the Warthog good value for money?

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